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Registered: 01/12/2008

Gender: Female

Birthday: 11/29


Hi! I am Hannéa, or Hannah.
I am 18 years of age. The birthday I have set on my profile is correct! I consider myself a Native American; I am from the Hopi tribe. I am Agnostic, but even still, I am not really so sure about that, which is ironic to me. I am pansexual, I am also single, but not looking.

In real life, and on the internet for that matter, I am really sensitive, so please be nice to me. I do not always show my feelings are hurt, but most likely, I will let you know. I am very opinionated, but I will definitely not disrespect or say anything rude, but if I do and notice, I will instantly regret it. I love everyone, and making new friends is always nice! so please do not be afraid to chat with me!

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Sasuchu Report | 07/23/2015 11:12 am
redface redface redface redface
Limit Reached Report | 12/30/2014 2:19 pm
Limit Reached
lol its fine it happens!
Limit Reached Report | 12/30/2014 1:52 pm
Limit Reached
ah good good!
have u been drawing lately? or did u give up
Limit Reached Report | 12/30/2014 1:34 pm
Limit Reached
lol wooooow!
u got enough to get a job!
Limit Reached Report | 12/30/2014 1:26 pm
Limit Reached
ikr internet is life ;D
Limit Reached Report | 12/30/2014 10:33 am
Limit Reached
oh yes!! ty ; v ;
lul jobs! hey atleast u got one i got nothing i sleep i need a life help LOL
Limit Reached Report | 12/30/2014 12:29 am
Limit Reached
lol wtf retaileerrrr thats fancy!? do u like it!? u got any stories? -forever hugs nami- redface
Limit Reached Report | 12/29/2014 11:23 pm
Limit Reached
w00w dont yell at me hurts my feels!
oh dang work is lame. Wat is it that u do? a stripper? ./////.
iugwfeagsdg n-namine ; A ;
Limit Reached Report | 12/29/2014 11:12 pm
Limit Reached
ah sorry about the late reply i ended up sleeping redface
oohhhh my suga daddi oh my -blushu blushu-
Limit Reached Report | 12/29/2014 1:17 pm
Limit Reached
-rolls aounrd all ur munny-! oh dang atleast u have a job i dont lOOOOL im a loser

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