Welcome to my humble profile! Just as a quick introduction, I'm a gamer, roleplayer, and potential cosplayer. I don't suppose any more formalities are in order so let's get to business!

L i k e s --
; ; best friends, doodling, sweets, baking, lazy days, exotic people, Disney, challenges, Kingdom Hearts, Homestuck, nerdy jokes, anime, singing, operas, music boxes, Luigi's Mansion, adventure games, weird conversations, talking in caps, laughing until it aches, spending time with close friends, The Legend of Zelda, completing a task, cursing like a sailor, and making bad jokes

D i s l i k e s --
; ; lonely feelings, rude remarks, annoying human beings, small children, feeling inferior, excessive short jokes, boredom, spiders, mold, modern television shows and music, wannabes, severe illiteracy, distrustful friends, shooting and gory games, bad textures, enclosed spaces, and especially mary-sues and gary-stus




Modern art so deep yet so not...