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box of thoughts

I breathe, I eat, I sleep...mostly in class XP lol
i'm as simple as all complicated little girls can be :]
i'm easily distracted and annoyed just as easily pleased and entertained
that's all i can think of right XD
add me if you want n_n
i won't bite if you're nice >]

shout out

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mistic_angelwings Report | 03/20/2011 12:44 am
x_XEcilaAliceX_x Report | 10/14/2010 3:38 pm
The yin and yang look is really awesome. I like it! biggrin
So Cah Toa Report | 09/20/2010 7:22 am
so u gonna meow like a dawg now uh?
So Cah Toa Report | 09/20/2010 3:07 am
A Fake Report | 09/19/2010 12:35 pm
That's good to hear. Just got back from a little hiatus because of my computer difficulties xD
Well this summer was okay. Did lotsov stuff and went to places :3
Learning to play drums currently and just checking gaia every now and then.
How bout you? ;D
So Cah Toa Report | 09/17/2010 2:46 pm
you shall what? -hugs-
cuervo blanco Report | 09/17/2010 11:07 am
scream no you!
A Fake Report | 09/17/2010 5:30 am
OMG I haven't talked to you in ages!
What happened to ya?
So Cah Toa Report | 09/16/2010 7:37 am
i wants to say hi too ^^
XxAyume The DarkAngelxX Report | 02/05/2010 3:29 pm
your welcome smile -huggles- ^^ so how are you?