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Some stuff you may wanna know about me...

Hello! I suppose I should update this. I'm 28 years of age, female, and married. We have a sweet little girl who's in third grade. Aside from Gaia, my main haunts online are YouTube and FF.net. If you'd like, check out my FF.net profile sometime! Well, someone finally talked me into getting a FaceBook, but I'm barely on it so it's pointless to even mention it anymore on here. I'm actually thinking of deleting it. I probably won't but you really won't find me on there much. I just don't see the point and I have no idea what's so great about it. I love Gaia much, much more and log into Gaia almost every day. I log into FaceBook about once a month, if that.

I probably spend a fair amount of time playing AIKA Online. I'm a Feo Cleric so if you ever feel the need to find me on there, Feonir is a good place to start looking.

Here is some extra information about me, that you may or may not like.

I am an anime and videogame fan. I honestly can't stand people who come up to others and pick on them for liking "childish" things like anime and games. It doesn't matter what you like as long as you get done what needs to be done in real life.

I do my best to be as nice as possible and have as much patience as I can, but in recent years, it is wearing thin. I apologize. So if you make me angry, just leave me alone for awhile, unless you wanna face my wrath. It's not a pretty thing.

Random things I like:

-My own little family
-Honest people
-Kind and caring people
-Freedom to be yourself

Random things I hate:

-Rude people
-Being oppressed

There are plenty of other things that irritate me, or things that I like, but I guess if you really care or want to know you'll have to ask me.

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests I'm recieving, I believe it's time to inform you all that I AM NOT ACCEPTING RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS!

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This is soon hopefully going to be a journal for my fanfiction, and tell all about my boring life.

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Illso Report | 05/05/2015 7:21 pm
P.S i noticed your outfit change. its a lovely birthday dress mrgreen
Illso Report | 05/05/2015 6:21 pm
*SENDS U TEH BIGGEST DIGITAL HUG YOU MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN IN THE LONGEST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* MISS YOU! haha maybe in like two years we can have a ten year aniversery or something <3 lol see you heather hope your blessed and great and loved.
Heihei Sol Report | 05/01/2015 5:53 pm
Heihei Sol
Hey how are you?
Sweet Alaurel Report | 02/25/2015 11:27 am
Sweet Alaurel
Oh wow, thats a new class they added after I stopped playing. I played Aion for about two years. I may go back to it. I have a lvl 60 Cleric. I assume they raised the level cap too. I stopped playing about 3 years ago. >.< They made a whole new line of gear and the only way you could get it was to PVP...which I don't usually do.
Sweet Alaurel Report | 01/24/2015 11:22 pm
Sweet Alaurel
The only other two games I have really played since were Aion online and Tera online. Other than that I have been pretty busy with school and work. After this semester if I can pass everything I will have only a year and a half left then I will graduate.
Sweet Alaurel Report | 01/17/2015 9:30 am
Sweet Alaurel
Lol, I know. I have been great. You?
Dread Chimera Report | 01/01/2015 9:41 pm
Dread Chimera
Right. I'll just be over here, talking s**t about what you like. *clears throat*

I also like .hack and Xenosaga. The only .hack games I've liked were the ones where you get to be Hasao, though. GI? GU? I'm gonna say GU. I only finished the first, sadly. Xenosaga, though. Great series. Very interesting combat design. A few clunky bits where you're literally just running around a ship fetching things for lazy people, but I got really into it. I think I beat the first three games, but didn't have the fourth, so I still don't know how it concludes. Maybe some day. Maybe...

I love RPGs. That's my bread and butter. My favorite developer is Atlus. Persona 3 and 4 are so good that everyone could've just stopped making games after that and I'd be content. I also lost a good 200 hours of my life to Shin Megami Tensei 4 on 3DS.
Dread Chimera Report | 01/01/2015 6:33 pm
Dread Chimera
I honestly have no love at all for seven. I didn't like it at all. I've never been into ATB, and materia is total bullshit. Cloud was a totally boring character, Barret annoyed me, Aerith was totally forgettable, and Sephiroth is such a whiny b***h. "Uuuugh my mom's a monster that means I'm a monster now I have to kill all of humanity." Best villain ever. The only character who was remotely interesting was Tifa, and her two most prominent character traits were attached to her chest. Oh, and the minigames. Jesus Christsicle, why do I have to perform CPR on that girl. What is the reason? What did it contribute to the story? You can't let her die. If you fail, you restart. Why couldn't it just be cutscene fluff? I saw the sword on the cover of the case and thought "Oh cool, I get to kill monsters," not "Oh cool, I get to buy some jackass' groceries." I don't understand any of the hype that this game has generated.
Dread Chimera Report | 01/01/2015 4:49 pm
Dread Chimera
YES. I love everything about that game. I could gush for hours. The return of straight turn-based combat, beautiful design, beautiful animation, beautiful music, characters with realistic and relatable personalities, a love story that follows a logical progression of events, a world I actually want to save, the coolest monsters in any FF title, great voice acting (other than Yuna's awkward translation-induced pauses) and Auron, Paragon of Badassery.

I'll definitely check those out when I have an opportunity. Thank you for sharing that with me.
Dread Chimera Report | 01/01/2015 1:25 pm
Dread Chimera
That sounds very interesting. What system are these games available for?

I can't recall having played a game about music before (well, other than a rhythm game here and there), but most of my favorite games have soundtracks that I find beautiful. One of my favorite things about videogames is how it an employ many separate forms of artistic media to create a cohesive, immersive experience. Final Fantasy X would have only been half as good to me without its amazing soundtrack. Hearing the Hymn of the Faith or Journey to Zanarkand or Besaid Island bring to my mind a story, emotion, setting, and atmosphere that will remain indelible in my mind until brain death.

Thank you for the request. I am honored. emotion_kirakira


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