So this is what Gaia calls the "About Me" section. I figure that you came here to learn about me or you're just one of them creeps that come here to see where I live, my age, and my real name. Well, sucks for you I'm not going to put that on here... Sie alte kriechen... But I will tell you a few things.

For starters, you can call me Halle.

I am not on here to be cyber-bullied, to be in a middle of some drama rubbish and most of all I'm not on here to be your therapist. Don't get me wrong I am here from my friends, they're welcome to lean on my shoulder when something is wrong and my ear is always there to listen to what my friends have to say. To make things clear if you're a stranger to me, don't put your problems on me or make me feel down.

I am not on here as much as I used to be but I do check in towns once in awhile.
Friends can contact me through PM or if they have me on any other media they can contact me there.

Here are some people who are really close to me on here:

♥Lannathel Shadows (Gaia Mother)
♥Ryukin Tai
♥Jacked up on Daniels
♥Sleepy Coffee/ Coffee Sock
♥Hachi Yatta
♥Sparkling Jester


My personality might come off flirtatious but most of it is me being sarcastic and silly. I am bubbly, fun, lovable, sweet and kind. If I am down it may be my depression is hitting me or I have just been having a bad day. I can be emotional and open so I do stand up for what ever the topic is.

What am I?

Pansexual, Pansexual identified people have the physical/emotional/spiritual capability of falling in love or being with someone regardless of their gender.

I am Gender Fluid, though I was assigned female at birth, in a female body structure and use female pronouns. Gender Fluid is a gender identity best described as a dynamic mix of boy and girl. A person who is Gender Fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel more boy some days, and more girl other days. Being Gender Fluid has nothing to do with which set of genitalia one has, nor their sexual orientation.

I also cross-dress on here from time to time and I wear feminine and fem-masculine close in real.

If you do not appreciate my sexuality or gender identity, that is your opinion. Just keep it to yourself.

If you would like to know more about me like my interests or my likes and dislikes, you can contact me and get to know me through times.


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