Rika Keigo's Backstory.

Name: Rika Keigo

Any other names: "Halfling" but this was used more as an insult then a term of endearment. As a young child her mother used to call her "Ri-Ri".

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Species: Half Elf. In elven culture, Rika's kind are considered an abomination, having both mortal and immortal qualities."Tainting" a generation's line with human blood is considered the worst kind of dishonour. Rika's mother was disowned and banished from her family after it was discovered that her child was not of 'pure' blood.

Powers/special abilities: Rika has enhanced movement and agility due to her elven heritage. Her hearing is also extra sensitive. These abilities make her a formidable sword fighter. Rika cannot use any form of magic. Due to her slim frame, Rika can't take hits very well, and her physical strength and eyesight is only on par with the average human.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: Rika refuses to say.

Physique: Slim and slender. Her limbs are strong and flexible, but not particularly muscular.

Complexion: Extremely pale, despite long hours spent patrolling.

Hair: Spikey, short white hair with gold tips.

Eye color: Amber.

Any other notable physical attributes: Pointed ears, noticeably shorter then a pure blood elf. Carries a bound sword on her back, but refuses to fight with it, unless in defence of others. It is said that she carries the sword on her back as a reminder of her past sin.

Intelligence level: Emotional intelligence is high-Rika is very empathic person. Although her intellect is above average, most of her knowledge steams from things learnt from harsh experience.

Mental condition: Relatively neurotypical. However, retains lasting emotional scars, which are still in the process of healing.

Style of speech: Slightly formal when speaking normally. When she's angry or emotional her language becomes much simpler and cruder.

Religion: Agnostic.

Occupation: A former Salna City Knight. After resigning, she has retreated to Barton hoping for a fresh start. Is now employed as Lady Aimi's personal body guard.

Social status: Though her mother had once been an elven noble, Rika and her family would be considered outcasts in their native city. However in Barton, she is a respected and well liked member of the community.

Likes: Art, reading, singing, exploring, spending time helping and understanding others.

Dislikes: Racism, cruelty, corruption, religious extremists, misunderstandings.

Personality: Once upon a time she was a well intentioned, but naive young woman who despite her heroic ambitions, had an unfortunate way of getting tangled in misunderstandings, creating more trouble then she resolved. Following a tragic accident, Rika underwent a massive shift in personality, horrified by the consequences of her actions. Over time, through her experiences in reaching out to others, she has come to terms with her own trauma. While she is a kind, empathic individual, Rika is no fool, and has the perspective to see things as they really are. At times Rika can very hot headed, especially when defending beliefs she feels passionate about. Although she claims to be an adamant pacifist, Rika is not beyond resorting to force as a last resort to protect those she cares about.

Ambitions: To repent for the sin she unwittingly committed and to find a new path in her life. She now serves as a guard to Lady Aimi, supposedly to "repay her debt".

Habits: Often stays up too late reflecting on matters.

Sexuality: Refuses to say.

Marital/relationship status: Single.

Known family/friends:
Family: Grandfather Fermere Locke (doesn't acknowledge her)
Grandparents: Kein and Yuna Keigo. (deceased.)
Mother,Leia Locke
Father:Kaji Keigo

Friends: Her Barton guild mates and Rika's former companions from her time as a knight, Capt Fran, Seth and Jonathan.

Closest Friend:
Lady Aimi Asogi.

Relationship to family/friends:
Family: Very close to her immediate family, particularly her father. Rika's mother's side of the family refuses to acknowledge their existence, and so they have no dealings with them.

Friends: Although Rika cherishes her friendships, she has lost contact with many of her companions from the past. That said, she has begun to forge new friendships in her adopted home, Barton.

Brief history: Rika Keigo is a former knight who once served her native Salna's law enforcement, the Salna Knights. For many years she worked tirelessly, believing that her efforts were for the greater good. One day, Rika was assigned a mission that would change her life forever. Under the orders of her superiors, Rika was tasked with wiping out a criminal gang's headquarters. Little did she realise that this group was employing children to do dangerous thievery work. During the raid, a terrible misunderstanding led to the accidental killing of an innocent boy. Rika, distraught and horrified by her actions, went to turn herself in. Much to her disgust, it emerged that the Salna knights had been fully aware of the gang's actives, and saw nothing wrong with eliminating the children along with their adult masters. Realising the true ruthless nature of the "Great Empire" she had been serving, Rika resigned, and fled to neighbouring Gaia, leaving everything she once knew behind her.

For many years she lived as a wanderer, a nomad who'd lost all will to live. Eventually, the broken-hearted half-elf stumbled across the Church of Seidh, a peaceful sanctuary situated on the outskirts of Barton. It was here that she came in contact with it's leader, the wise high priestess, Lady Aimi. After hearing Rika's tale, Aimi offered her amnesty and the chance to repent and rebuild her life. During this time Rika stayed under Aimi's protection and learnt how to come to terms with her past. With Aimi's guidance, friendship, and wisdom, the young woman found her own salvation though the counselling of others in Barton who were suffering. Through helping others, Rika came to terms with her own trauma and foraged new relationships with the the people of Barton. Despite her dark past, Rika has become a respected member of her community.

Some time after Rika's arrival, Lady Aimi decided to try and extend the Church's amnesty efforts beyond Barton, to help those who were caught up in Gaia's many violent conflicts. Moved by her mission, and grateful for Lady Aimi for helping her overcome her tragic past, Rika offered to accompany her, as Lady Aimi's personal guard. Aimi agreed, and Rika became her personal guard. Although Rika claims that she merely wants to "pay her debt", to the kind priestess, many suspect that she just wishes to protect her one, true friend in the world.

Rika's theme song


Teenage Rika

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Adult Rika

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High Priestess Lady Aimi.


The Tale of the Halfling Heroine

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