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....I have been around for a small amount of time, and in this time, I have seen what little the world has to offer people like me, which is pain, suffering, grief and regret... But regardless of any thing I am put through, I am forced to suffer through it....

Friends are a good thing to have... at lest, they are while they last... but eventually they will forget or forsake you... and then you will be left alone with nobody but yourself....

Family can't be replaced... but it can be taken from you...

and when life comes to an end... people like me... are always going to end up, cold, sad and all alone... no matter what we say or do.... in the end... people like me will be forgotten completely... people like me may have a funeral, that nobody will ever attend, we will die as we lived, without any family or friends of witch to speak of...

this is who i am... the person that was fated... or rather, doomed to be noticed, and then forgotten, and in the end, i won't even be a sad memory, because after all, who would ever want to remember a miserable wretch like me anyways?....

This is what I am and who I am... no matter how hard I try to change this fact, this is all that I will ever be... a sad forgotten voice, that was taken by the wind, and forsaken by mankind...



File no. 37707

Subject number: 17.
Birth name: unknown.
Name: number 17.
Status: Escaped, unstable, dangerous and confused.
Subject appearance:

Reward for return of subject: 900,000,000,000 gold.
Return condition: No matter what is done to the subject, he will not die, therefor he will always be returned alive.
If located and captured return the subject to: *data removed*

Thank you for you cooperation...

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