Cardcaptor Sakura - Okashi no Uta

Cardcaptor Sakura - Tooi Kono Machi de

Important Note

I have a visual system for my art status.
- If my avatar has a pencil and a sketchpad in her hands, that means I'm actively drawing (not on hiatus) but not necessarily open for requests. Please visit my main art shop to see if I'm open. Or if you must, ask me in PM if I am open.
- If neither are visible, I am on hiatus and am not accepting any paying art requests.
- This system does not apply to my freebies.

Cardcaptor Sakura - Tobira wo Akete

About My Watermark

I do not accept suggestions for my watermark. Where I place them is where they'll stay. Do not ask me to move/delete them.

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An excerpt from an anime I've remembered for over a decade (not a biography of myself):
"This is the story of a girl, who made her dreams come true after she came to possess the Seven Stars of Suzaku, and many powers were bestowed upon her. The story, itself, is a spell and the one who reads it through will be given the powers and granted a wish just like the girl in the story. For you see, the story begins and becomes real the moment the first page is turned." - Fushigi Yuugi

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Sip of Brandy Report | 11/30/2014 12:20 pm
▌▌"Would you care for...

Alrighty, I'll keep it in mind heart
... A Sip of Brandy?" ▌▌
Sip of Brandy Report | 11/30/2014 6:55 am
▌▌"Would you care for...

Any chance you'll be free to draw again?

I'm taking it might be awhile since people don't read.
... A Sip of Brandy?" ▌▌
Sip of Brandy Report | 11/24/2014 9:37 am
▌▌"Would you care for...

How have you been darling?
... A Sip of Brandy?" ▌▌
Sip of Brandy Report | 11/24/2014 9:29 am
▌▌"Would you care for...

Hewo, Love heart
... A Sip of Brandy?" ▌▌
Sip of Brandy Report | 11/04/2014 9:35 am
▌▌"Would you care for...

How are you today~?
... A Sip of Brandy?" ▌▌
Sip of Brandy Report | 11/03/2014 6:10 pm
▌▌"Would you care for...

Hi, Sweetie.
... A Sip of Brandy?" ▌▌
SenpaIDGAF Report | 08/18/2014 4:21 pm
I gave my user to a friens cuz your art is so prefect
MoonDoggie1 Report | 08/14/2014 5:37 pm

Awww, hehe,
You did a wonderful job, Hakui!
We both love it dearly!
MoonDoggie1 Report | 08/14/2014 12:44 pm

MoonDoggie1 Report | 08/14/2014 11:01 am

Wow love o.o...

Cardcaptor Sakura - Mienai Chizu

Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie 2 - Ashita no Melody

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Another excerpt from the same anime that I've remembered and loved for a long time (not a biography of myself):
"The four palaces of the heavens. The four corners of earth. In the name of sacred law, faith, and virtue. I summon thee, Suzaku, Guardian of the South. I beseech you to appear on earth from the palaces of heaven. For the sake of those here who adore you and await your presence. Come to us and with your mighty power, destroy all that is evil. Save us and grant us our wishes! Descend to us from the heavens above!" - Fushigi Yuugi

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