My gaia story:

Night found me on the street surrounded by a group of teens and adults. I knew I shouldn't have been in this area by myself but my friend lived on this street and we were suppose to meet at his house for a night of Gaming. I ask with a steady voice despite the fluttering organ in my chest, "What do you guys want?"

"My home boys and I wanna know why you 'gypt strutting on our territory?" The seemingly leader asked waving a strange tool under my nose.

Before I could actually logically think about a response , I respond with a smart mouthed comment, " First off, I'm not 'Gpyt' but Egyptian, second off, obviously I'm walking on public street, third off, You have horrible grammar." My brain was steadily cursing at my mouth but there was no way I was taking it back.

The gang seemed stunned that anyone would actually dare mouth off to a group of guys with weapons. The leader seemed to realize that their moment of speechlessness made them seem scared and less macho because he punched me in the stomach, probably because hitting an unarmed person seemed more macho then defending himself with his horrible grammar.
As I coughed up what seemed to be guts the others laughed at my inability to breath normally. Damn them all.

Managing to gasp out, I shot my mouth off again," Hafta punch an unarmed man to feel manlier. Boy, I probably feel more manlier then you right at the moment."

The gang leader slugged a fist against my chin throwing my balance off and knocking me down to my butt.

((Not finished))