Enjoys liquor
Oh and my dogs.
And cats.
Receptionist at a medical/behavioral health clinic.
Was a preschool teacher.
Was a house manager at a homeless shelter.
Pretty pissed off I'm not a katakan.
Rest in peace, Daisy. I miss you.
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explain Monday
you're not buggin'
no internet atm
my phone and comp are useless for now
also didn't respond before the move because I got really sick and had a lot to do
hope your surgery went well
Vegan Gabagool

Report | 10/20/2016 3:42 am

Vegan Gabagool

did you crash from your drinking and driving? weow
Vegan Gabagool

Report | 10/18/2016 6:28 pm

Vegan Gabagool

well unblock me, i dindu nuffin.
i just wanted some sweet trap items. sad
Vegan Gabagool

Report | 10/17/2016 8:20 pm

Vegan Gabagool

why would he delete it, whatd i do? WOW
it was that pm huh?

its captain failcon btw
a worm

Report | 10/03/2016 7:03 am

a worm

Hey! I hope all is well. I haven't logged in in a hot minute. :- )

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gaia_angelleft emotion_bigheart ~ RANDOMLY POPPING UP TO WISH YOU A BEAUTIFUL DAY ~ emotion_bigheart gaia_angelright
gaia_angelleft yum_puddi ~ MAY ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS COME TRUE ~ yum_puddi gaia_angelright
a worm

Report | 06/13/2016 5:24 am

a worm

thats crazy. i make enough at my job, but i still want more. i guess its the consumerism thats in me from living in this shithole of a country.
a worm

Report | 05/23/2016 8:03 am

a worm

i feel like i need another job. the one i have pays well but my bills are stil too much. D: but summer is coming and im like wtf do i do
a worm

Report | 05/19/2016 5:45 am

a worm

so busy, i barely get on here ;- ; ill have to give you my number or something. ive been working like crazy, studying for a test. its insane. i feel like i have no time. then i forget im even on here lmao


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