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Little Notes To Myself


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          ♥The charger port is ******** D:


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I thought you fell off the face of the planet! {pounces}

Yeah long days fishing tend to give me nothing but dreams about fishing and I wake up mad at the dream for making me fish still. The fisheries intern finished his last of his internship and got a job in Alaska. Friday was his last day. He's hoping to help with the salmon run.

I don't mind the lines as much as I mind how confusing it is once you get through security checks and trying to find the right gate then being paranoid that they'll make a change on gates but then I don't hear that they made a change. I always have to ask the people at the gates nearby where it got moved to since I can't hear the PA system well enough. I don't figure it out till it's getting close to boarding time and there's nobody else there. >< I get so scared that my vocal chords freeze up and I can't talk. So frustrating.

I only get sick on car rides if my dad's driving. He likes to speed up on curves he likes the g-force feeling that shoves my gut into my nose.

Maybe you can look into the Au Pair thing. People have to start somewhere.

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So far I think I like it. The day out fishing was fine. Kind of tiring since it was 8 hours and I didn't take breaks since,'s fishing and the whole thing was like a giant break. The archery thing made me realize I have nothing in common with college students. All they talked about till the group got there was getting drunk and partying and how they were drunk their whole freshman year. Yeah I'm discouraged. I'm an outsider and don't fit in with any group. I usually can deal with it but it's been getting worse. I feel like I'm just watching TV half the time. Then am shocked when someone says something directed at me since I forget that they can see me.

lol yeah well then don't go to East Texas. The places I've stayed there had cockroaches climbing the walls and furniture D:

Most of those jobs pay very little because of how poor the country is. So if you don't have money saved to get back to the states already it's best to not go unless you want to live there forever. My grandma taught English in China. She was part of some women group. I think it was called Women's Aglow but not sure. It's a Christian group I think. The only requirement then was to be a native speaker as well. Here you can be a substitute teacher as long as you have your high school diploma or G.E.D. scary right?

yeah being on a film crew isn't for everyone. same with teaching.

Could be a flight attendant if you don't mind just flying and only staying a night or two in any given town, village, country.

If you know a foreign language you can be basically a nanny that just stays with a family in a foreign area. I think that's called Au Pair for the position. You just have to know the language then you basically are a child caregiver and live with the family to help out while being submersed in the culture of the country. Mostly rich families have au pairs I think. You get room, board, and a salary that varies.

If you like boats you could work on a cruise line. I'm not sure what positions you could do but it seems to be pretty much like working at a hotel just at sea.

Also even if the teaching job requires a certificate it only takes about a month to get it usually apparently according to the internet.

if you have any interest in science too field researchers are always looking for assistants. I don't think you need schooling for most of it but any schooling would be a bonus. You just wouldn't be able to do certain things that the scientists can do, like data entry. But you could be part of the discovery process.

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Maybe you can get a job that has you traveling. Like teaching English in other countries or join a film crew that films for travelmentries.

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Oh yep. Have worked twice so far. First time was 8 hours of fishing and second time was about an hour and a half of archery. Tomorrow will be a "camping is fun"class for 5 - 7 year olds.

Not as much as I miss you!

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Not sure what "it" is. . . But I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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doing all right! Kinda semi snuck back to Gaia, not sure how long i'll be around ninja
How is everything with you G!? ninja

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_ ch0pstik _

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_ ch0pstik _

Lol yup
that present did honestly made me feel better haha.
Just the fact that I received anything at all is awesome, but it's a freaking Kitty March so I did flip out a little xD
Thank you
_ ch0pstik _

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_ ch0pstik _

Im so sad ugh
like really...waking up to a broken laptop is not the best feeling in the world xD
now i gotta find a replacement screen which costs like $100-$300