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Efariey Report | 02/13/2016 11:17 pm
Ty for the purchase.. 3nodding
RevvRaptor Report | 02/07/2016 7:35 pm
Thanks much!
Icy Vergil Report | 12/03/2015 5:51 pm
Icy Vergil
The elder twin snickered, turning his head to look at Dante without moving his fingers.
"What's the matter, dear brother? Cat got your tongue?"
Icy Vergil Report | 12/02/2015 8:31 pm
Icy Vergil
Engrossed in a rather interesting-looking book, Vergil nonchalantly extended his arm and pinched Dante's lips shut with his thumb and forefinger.
Icy Vergil Report | 11/28/2015 4:13 pm
Icy Vergil
He paused.
"... What's in it for me?"
Icy Vergil Report | 11/28/2015 3:19 pm
Icy Vergil
He snorted again, purposely wiping the smirk off his face.
"Why should I? I'm not making myself look ridiculous for your entertainment."
Icy Vergil Report | 11/27/2015 8:17 pm
Icy Vergil
"What's so fun about being an irritating brat?"
The amused smirk returned as the elder twin released Dante's cheek and crossed his arms instead.
"You make the strangest noises."
Icy Vergil Report | 11/27/2015 8:03 pm
Icy Vergil
Vergil involuntarily flinched, trying to avoid his twin's poking. He reached up and pinched Dante's cheek roughly.
"I'd rather be a so-called 'piss pot' than an irritating brat."
Icy Vergil Report | 11/27/2015 7:21 pm
Icy Vergil
Vergil arched a brow.
"Boring? Hah! Would you prefer I behaved more like you, then? I shudder to think of it."
Icy Vergil Report | 11/27/2015 4:51 pm
Icy Vergil
{{ Just got home from work. Kekeke~ }}

"And you would do well to remember that I am the stronger twin."
Vergil let out a half-amused snort.
"Being cute will get you nowhere."


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