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About me

I am gladly to present to you, the only the magnificent, incredible, ME!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, his one of a kind, and this the best thing that happen to the world sense 1980. I am the only one, and unique, no twin, clones, or alternative-self from evil parallel dimensions. Well I shortly be now your wandering this magnificent name? You better open your ears because Iā??m only going to say it once, Pablo Valentino, but for my spectators I shall be refer be many names, Kang, Vel, Vale, Pab, Leo and some that the human tongue cannot pronounce. Before I commence my act, I like all to know present my beautiful, smart and conning fiance, her name Stephanie and you can find her on Gaia under the name of Anreia. In for my next act I would create art using a paper and a pencil, I deep this art the Great Cataclysm, a great story fuel with mythology, magic, parallel dimensions and enigmas of the come future to come and a past that was forgotten. If you like to see good comedian, I say you stick around my next act, bit random and more in the wield zone. An if your wanting adventure, then I advice you to come around for the midnight acts, there I demonstrate the primal instincts of human race and how can you a plaid them in life. Donā??t speck any violence Iā??m a dedicated Pacifist, inner piece is the key of accomplishing your goals. Even the greatest of all empire crumble, if no spiritual balance is set. One most be strong in spirit and body to survive the cruel reality. ā??Though my mind's at peace, the world out of order missing the inner heat, life gets colder.ā??
Know for my next act I would need music, Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie, Andy Gibbs, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, The Clash, The Cure, Tom Tom Club, Billy Joel, Duran Duran, Earth Wind and Fire, Eurythmics, Guns and Roses, Human League, Pat Benetar, Queen, Robbie Williams (UK), Rod Stewart, Simon & Garfunke and who could forgotten Peter Gabriel!
An if you want to learn more about this amazing life and trick, I advanced you to read, The Five Rings, the auto biography of Miyamoto Musashi.
Thank, Thank you, all you being a good crowd and spectators: Before I go I like to thanks Jesus the fist pacifist. Gandhi for showing his way of peace, and Miyamoto Musashi, for showing that a man could live a life in the battle field and still be one with his spirit.


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This explains about my philosophy, and point of view of life


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empress dee Report | 06/03/2008 12:16 pm
Judging from how you never talk with me, I might as well delete you and dark crimson rogue from the list of my friends.
empress dee Report | 04/25/2008 8:53 am
Will you ever talk with me again, Pablo? Or, do you think I ought to be put in a home?
empress dee Report | 08/12/2007 3:56 pm
I missed seeing this wonderfully made profile. I am glad that it hasn't changed much.
inky_T.A.E. Report | 06/16/2007 10:15 am
Thanks for the comment, your Avi is cool too!
Ashley from RE4 Report | 06/07/2007 11:43 pm
Good idea!
Phanir Report | 05/27/2007 8:36 pm
I friggin' love Vandread. I'm shocked at how few people know it. Thanks for the comment, paying ya back. smile
kingudamu Report | 05/21/2007 3:38 pm
haha thanks for the comment on my profile razz
gothickatkat Report | 05/19/2007 12:31 pm
me too lol
gothickatkat Report | 05/16/2007 4:25 pm
yes i do ^^
Of The Epidemic Report | 05/16/2007 3:03 pm
Long time uber no talk so what is up?


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