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I do not aim with my hand;

He who aims with his hand has forgotton
the face of his Father.

I aim with my eye.

I do not shoot with my hand;

He who shoots with his hand has forgotten
the name of his Father.

I shoot with my mind.

I do not kill with my gun;

He who kills with his gun has forgotton
the face of his Father.

I kill with my heart.

horror, cats, music, games, food
^that sums me up

Hey, look. A face.

Art by: Triton Luke

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Art by: Maraschinos


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Lalafells Report | 11/25/2015 10:47 pm
I just zerg rush everything, it usually works! lol
Thrust Hisass Report | 11/11/2015 12:55 am
Thrust Hisass

when i look at your avi. i start to look at myself if i have a pierced through something. lol
x A x but cool avi~

💕 ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ 💕
Cat Dee Bo Report | 11/04/2015 11:32 am
Cat Dee Bo
Timothy does have the right skills for the role tho.
Russell Crowe eh? Hm. I dunno. He's a little...thick for it haha.
Cat Dee Bo Report | 11/04/2015 11:06 am
Cat Dee Bo
Who do you think would play a good Roland?

My friend says Timothy Olyphant..

I kind of like the idea of Hugh Jackman (cuz he fits the description) but I'm sure there is someone even better
Cat Dee Bo Report | 11/04/2015 5:25 am
Cat Dee Bo
Very much so!
I had saw the Gunslinger book when I was a little kid. My mom had it but I never read it. Just looked at the crazy pictures
About 3 years ago I came across the Gunslinger at a friends house and borrowed it to read. Obviously that one isn't the best of the stores. ..
a girl from work talked to me about the stories that follow and I finally got around to reading them. Best series I have ever read.
And now they're making a movie!
I-Ono-I Report | 11/04/2015 12:02 am
o-o okay glad that youre okay now xD
so whats up today? c:
Cat Dee Bo Report | 11/03/2015 7:14 pm
Cat Dee Bo
Best username ever!

Just had to let you know xp
I-Ono-I Report | 11/03/2015 2:18 pm
aww why are you irritated?
I-Ono-I Report | 11/03/2015 1:27 pm
pffft how does that not count?! xD
what if its chocolate mints? i dont like that candy e. e
Ohh i love nerds and sometimes Reese's ouo
Also how are you?
I-Ono-I Report | 11/03/2015 4:56 am
... mints xD


Art by: vinnieg33


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