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Stuff about me.

So anyway, I suppose I should talk about myself on my profile. Who would have thought? I'll keep this concise.

>I'm usually in character most of the time whenever I'm on Gaia or in the Word Games forum. Most of the time, I'll be using OOC (()) when speaking out of character. As you probably have guessed, I like to roleplay. I roleplay quite frequently, in fact.

>Posts in character will usually have colored text.

>I don't really have any high standards when it comes to roleplaying, honestly. Good grammar is a plus, though. (However, I am not a Grammar Nazi and will let the occasional mispronunciation or misspelled word slide. Hell, I make mistakes too, sometimes.)

>In the WG, it's perfectly fine to reply to me directly or my current character. Don't give a s**t if you read my sig or not. That's the beauty of the Word Games. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

>I'm engaged to Snowy Zombie IRL, but flirty or romantic RPing is fine. Our Pathfinder group is known to be pretty dirty.

>I also use the Tumblrs. Feel free to follow me, though it may be NSFW at times, but usually I post about ships or my world, Xaersea. guns-and-goats.tumblr

For starters, I like animals, the military and the sea.



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Voleur de Thym Report | 08/01/2015 4:27 pm
Voleur de Thym
"You see, I'm minimal good to you dead. Besides, an example out of some nameless, foreign daemon? None would care.
And living? Well, if you attempt to sell me, I will attempt to escape. We'll just have to see how that plays out, but let me suggest that;
1. I'd die or be maimed in the attempt. And believe me, ser, you'd have to maim me to stop me- reducing your profit.
2. I'd escape, at least wounding some of your crew.
3. I escape later on after I've been a slave, and hunt you down.

But. Imagine a situation where we both profit, bodily integrity intact.
I'm a mercenary and a thief. A professional "Professional", one may say. Let's say you have me as a "retainer" in a sense. Your on-call mercenary.
Allow me freedom to roam, and I shall bring my finds to you to sell first. Call me to escort your precious PTC's land caravans, have my sword at a reduced rate. You get the idea of this.
We both profit, we both live, we may even come to laugh about this silly imprisonment over riches and wine."

((Of course! You kids have fun. See you later. :nod:
Yeah, boobs seem to have that power over people, haha.
Those are some long games! What do you do about player death?))
Voleur de Thym Report | 08/01/2015 2:58 pm
Voleur de Thym
"Yeah? I'd be more interested in how much I'd fetch if I got a cut.
Look, you're a business man. And made of stern stuff; I can respect that.
How would you perhaps care to hear me out? I can think of a partnership that benefits both of us."

((Oh man, kids, haha. I'm surprised they don't interfere more.
My old DM had to stop because his daughters raised hell whenever he had meet ups, heh.
Are your roomies' kids interested in fantasy or RP, too?
How long has your current game been running?
Also, is your fiance here, too? I bet they're pretty awesome as well. 3nodding ))
Voleur de Thym Report | 08/01/2015 2:03 pm
Voleur de Thym
Ah ha, slaves. So that's why you threw me down here.
So obvious, yet in my optimism hoped it would just be indentured servitude.
Welp, hang me out to dry then, 'cause I'm done being a slave.
Escaped once from that nonsense and that's enough for me.

((That sounds like a lot of fun! Its even better to be able to share tabletops with the people you love, too.
The only former love of mine I got to try them fell asleep during DnD with a few of my buddies,
and kept putting my d20's in his mouth when I was trying to roll.
It was a bit embarrassing. lol ))
Rhea Byrne Report | 08/01/2015 1:31 pm
Rhea Byrne
Ahhh, I see.
Voleur de Thym Report | 08/01/2015 1:17 pm
Voleur de Thym
Trade routes? What do you trade in?
Also, sorry to pry, but are your wings functional? I'd get cabin fever hanging around on a sip all the time. :Sweat:

((ha, Lucky! I've been trying to find a good "gaming tavern" to get my role play fix, but all the good ones are too far out.
Have you guys played many campaigns, or one good really long campaign?
Also, laser guided glowing goats are very special things indeed, heh. ))
Rhea Byrne Report | 08/01/2015 1:16 pm
Rhea Byrne
Yeah, I know the feeling. Might need to start looking for a new one myself. Mine burned me pretty good, which isn't a good sign.
Rhea Byrne Report | 08/01/2015 1:01 pm
Rhea Byrne
Cool, cool. Hope ya find a good one.
Rhea Byrne Report | 08/01/2015 12:31 pm
Rhea Byrne
Once you do, lemme know. One of my friends runs a 24/7 server and I'm allowed to invite whoever. xD
Rhea Byrne Report | 08/01/2015 12:12 pm
Rhea Byrne
Nice, nice. Worn out, but that's nothing new. Been working on Terraria stuff.
Voleur de Thym Report | 08/01/2015 12:11 pm
Voleur de Thym
Oh! My apologies.
There are so many breeds and species that vary wildly here,
please forgive my rather speciesist assumption.

You don't appear to be new, but you're unfamiliar.
Have you been away for sometime?

((I miss tabletops ;_; Tried running a DnD campaign recently for my old roommates, but it wasn't really their thing since I wouldn't let them godmode, heh. Have you tried GURPS?))


Current Avi: Cezar Potovac
Race: Tiefling (Devil, Kyton Ancestry)
Class: Wizard (Enchanter)
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer, Potovac Trading Company
Flagship: PTS Kyton's Chain, 102 gun Man-o-war
Faction: Potovac Trading Company (PTC)
Currently: Aiding the Vjeoric Empire in an anti-piracy campaign, along with gaining a stronger foothold in various trade routes between the colonies and old world nations.


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