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Stuff about me.

So anyway, I suppose I should talk about myself on my profile. Who would have thought? I'll keep this concise.

>I'm usually in character most of the time whenever I'm on Gaia or in the Word Games forum. Most of the time, I'll be using OOC (()) when speaking out of character. As you probably have guessed, I like to roleplay. I roleplay quite frequently, in fact.

>Posts in character will usually have colored text.

>I don't really have any high standards when it comes to roleplaying, honestly. Good grammar is a plus, though. (However, I am not a Grammar Nazi and will let the occasional mispronunciation or misspelled word slide. Hell, I make mistakes too, sometimes.)

>In the WG, it's perfectly fine to reply to me directly or my current character. Don't give a s**t if you read my sig or not. That's the beauty of the Word Games. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

>I'm engaged to Snowy Zombie IRL, but flirty or romantic RPing is fine. Our Pathfinder group is known to be pretty dirty.

>I also use the Tumblrs. Feel free to follow me, though it may be NSFW at times, but usually I post about ships or my world, Xaersea. guns-and-goats.tumblr

For starters, I like animals, the military and the sea.



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Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 08/26/2015 8:36 pm
Incorrigible King Rusty
(( emotion_dealwithit Rest at ease. Once everything is set, he'll go back to the lecherous goofball he's known for being. As for Tumblr, it is very, very addictive. I can get lost looking at a multitude of things. In regards to that character, I don't recall him. Nevertheless, he does sound cool.))

"You can keep his ship if you like." Rusty then looked over his shoulders to see if anyone was intruding on their conversation. Once he knew the coast was clear, he told Dakota "Bring him back alive, but feel free to hold onto his stolen goods. If the stolen goods aren't reclaimed, the charges against the traitor will be even more severe. Call me a fiend if you'd like, but I realize that sometimes a ruler must make difficult decisions. Once I have him, he will be tried and executed."

Rusty shook his head, momentarily discarding the burden of the crown from his shoulders. Once again looking Dakota up and down, he noted to himself she was quite cute. She was scarred and rough around the edges to say the least, but he liked women with a bit of an edge to them. Without making a sound, he slipped behind her with the speed and finesse of a jungle cat. Eyes gleaming and smiling lecherously, his right hand squeezed a sizable amount of her rear.

"Very nice," he complimented.
Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 08/25/2015 7:12 pm
Incorrigible King Rusty
((She's got potential. Then again, you've always been a super creative guy. And I can wager you're surprised Rusty hasn't tried to grope her yet. Well that's coming soon enough. He wouldn't be Rusty if he didn't. But business before pleasure. If the mood strikes me, this will get a lemon on Tumblr! XD ))

"No worries," he assured her with a glistening grin. "I'll personally write up the marque. Now allow me to tell you of a few of my troubles." The king went on to explain how Scott Hargraves, the former admiral of the Erosticia navy, committed numerous atrocities to appease the kingdom's regent while it was assumed that Rusty himself had been assassinated. Once Rusty had reclaimed his throne, Scott went rogue. Now having to resort to piracy to survive, Scott has been disrupting trade by sinking merchant vessels.

"I know that the former admiral resits somewhere near a cluster of islands, but I have been unable to extend resources that could lead to his capture."
Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 08/24/2015 8:11 pm
Incorrigible King Rusty
((If nothing is too expensive, I'll see if I can help. smile ))

"What a boon," the king said, his voice overwhelmed with astonishment. To say that things had gone south in recent years would be an understatement. It was one coup and insidious plot after another, yet he managed to persevere. He had stretched his navy thin tracking down the movements of a traitor. Shaking his head, he looked at the sea-faring woman before him. She looked capable. "How much do you charge for your services?"
Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 08/23/2015 9:22 pm
Incorrigible King Rusty
(Oooh! She's got a neat design.)

"Hm? Who might you be?"
Loveprince 008 Report | 08/16/2015 10:23 pm
Loveprince 008
your current avatar/character reminds me of miss fortune from LoL a lot (in a good way)! A classy gunslinging female bounty hunter. <3
Skadi Sundermount Report | 08/15/2015 1:54 am
Skadi Sundermount
i didnt post it bc i suddenly cant find it AND THIS SADDENS ME GREATLY!
Skadi Sundermount Report | 08/11/2015 6:23 pm
Skadi Sundermount
Doesn't everyone! heart

The sailing stuff sounds really interesting and cool. Shame your bae couldn't come but at least you got to have some fun and you were thinking of her.
I'm glad you're looking forward to working partime, its nice to be excited about things!

wanna see my fav pic of a mermaid?

Skadi Sundermount Report | 08/10/2015 8:12 pm
Skadi Sundermount
Thank you! They're Skadi's 'grown up' horns. She also grew a foot. Which makes her pretty much a slightly bigger runt of a troll.

How you been friend?

and if i may ask, what inspired the avi change?
Skadi Sundermount Report | 08/10/2015 7:39 pm
Skadi Sundermount
Avi change! looks nice. cat_smile
Krowenstein Report | 08/09/2015 9:36 am
The same nothing new.
Although I wish to move elsewhere and start fresh.
I rarely talk about my life here and there.
It's rather boring.
I think a new fresh start might be in order.


Current Avi: Dakota Tracer (Era of Sail)
Race: Human
Class: Gunslinger
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Privateer
Faction: Vjeoric Colonies
Ship: Goliad, 10 gun Sloop
Currently: Chasing pirates and brigands.


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