Dreams of an Absolution

Silver/Ace the Hedgehog

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Location: 200 Years in the Future

Birthday: 10/27

Occupation: Time Gaurdian (in Training)


Mi-Ra-I (Future)


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Everyone's Favorite Walking Paradox!

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Welcome, one and all, to my profile. I had traveled through time in search for this dangerous criminal. Ether you are with me or against me, I'll stop at nothing to save my future...

~Sage's OC Universe Profile~

Full Name: Silver the Hedgehog
Call Sign: Ace
Age: 14
Race/Species: A Mobian Hedgehog/Minx Hybrid (Tailon Sub-Species)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Time Gaurdian (In Training)
Eye Color: Gold
Fur: White (Formally Silver)
Voice Actor(s): Pete Capella (2006-2010)-Quinton Flynn (2010-Present)
Known Family: Jules Hedgehog (Ancestor), Bernadette "Bernie" Hedgehog (Ancestor), Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog (Distant Uncle), Maurice "Streaks" Hedgehog (Ancestor), Maximillan Acorn (Ancestor), Alicia Acorn (Ancestor), Sally Alicia Acorn (Ancestor), Elias Acorn (Great-Uncle), Oliver "Sonic" Hedgehog (Great Grandfather), Sonia Hedgehog (1st Cousin xTimes Removed), Venice Hedgehog (Father)
Known Friends: Blaze the Cat (On and off love intrest), Edmund the Batchidna, Marine the Racoon
Known Rivals/Enemies: Dr. Nega (Former Mentor)


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Lea Charlotte Report | 11/01/2013 7:56 am
Lea Charlotte
(you're welcome. :3)
Lea Charlotte Report | 11/01/2013 7:52 am
Lea Charlotte
(aww. I'm sorry that things didn't go good for you yesterday. -hugs-)
Lea Charlotte Report | 11/01/2013 7:44 am
Lea Charlotte
(i wish i could give you a cupcake i baked. D smile
Lea Charlotte Report | 11/01/2013 7:33 am
Lea Charlotte
(well yesterday morning i baked cupcakes and then when night time came around i went with my parents, my oldest sister, and my younger cousin. We took my niece and nephew out for trick-or-treating. i was so flippin tired when i got home.)
Lea Charlotte Report | 11/01/2013 6:23 am
Lea Charlotte
(sorry that i wasn't online at all yesterday.)
Lea Charlotte Report | 10/30/2013 8:29 am
Lea Charlotte
(I might be Nobara for this rp)
Lea Charlotte Report | 10/30/2013 8:25 am
Lea Charlotte
(Alrighty let's finish one rp up first before starting another one up. :3)
Lea Charlotte Report | 10/29/2013 12:13 pm
Lea Charlotte
(Silver The Hedgehog) :3
TribeTwelve Report | 10/25/2013 7:52 am
[ Aye aye! BEN needs to meet a /real/ villain, hehe. ]
TribeTwelve Report | 10/25/2013 7:49 am
[ Hehe~ I got you! [Comment-wise] Wanna hang in 1966? :3 I posted this on your Snively but you had already logged out ]
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