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"I am Grande. Maybe there was more to it, but I've forgotten it.
You see, when you can't die, you start to forget about trivial things.
Even emotions and feelings become meaningless at some point.
As of now, I work as a Bartender in Circle 12. It's a shady little bar.
However, I feel likeI just fit in there.
After all, my hobbies are a bit shady, too..."

Working as the Bartender in Circle 12,
Grande is used to stress and the use of harsh words.
He's doing his job calmly, almost showing no expressions at all.
People refer to him as 'the robot guy in a bartender suit'.

Little do people know, that Grande hides a secret.
He can't die.
He killed himself multiple times, and woke up the other days again.
Completely unscathed.
He's spending his day-offs with occultism and death.
Trying to find a way to make hmself mortal again.


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Botan of Spirit World Report | 01/15/2015 2:11 pm
Botan of Spirit World
Nice Bon cosplay 3nodding
Nightfall Scythe Report | 07/01/2014 2:33 pm
Nightfall Scythe
Thanks for buying!
Taara St Tiger Report | 06/29/2014 9:29 am
Taara St Tiger
yum_puddi Thank you for buying! Enjoy your Treat! yum_puddi
Cillaa Report | 06/20/2014 9:12 am
Thank you so much for buying! User Image
akatsuki_girl7us Report | 06/16/2014 6:34 am
Thanks for buying.
A Sentimental Daydreamer Report | 06/15/2014 2:09 pm
A Sentimental Daydreamer
Danke ♥
The Unnamable Report | 06/07/2014 8:28 am
The Unnamable
Thanks for your purchase ^_^
Seraph of Nephilim Report | 06/06/2014 8:54 am
Seraph of Nephilim
Thank you for your purchase. c:
Owlion Report | 06/06/2014 3:02 am
thank you for the lace ! c:
Commander mc Hot Hot Report | 02/13/2014 6:53 pm
Commander mc Hot Hot
Hello there. That's quite a smile.



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