"Didnt you know...I'm ******** GORGEOUS!"

Personality: Tigers Eye is very multi-dimensional wearing his emotions right on his sleeve. When he’s sad he’s sad and when he’s happy he’s happy etc. He’s got a bad temper that often gets him into trouble causing conflict. He’s very bold and ambitious and is not afraid of speaking his mind and will speak sooner rather than later. He has NO patience and has a massive ego to boot. Though he was vain as a teenager he’s a naturally graceful man confident in himself and confident in his looks. He's very secure in his sexuality and is proud of his highly-maintained masculine physique. He’s got a very loud and sometimes crude sense of humor, but overall he's got a good heart. He is extremely passionate and loyal and that stems from his natural animal instinct.

Today he is an accomplished general, hunter, swordsman, acrobat, & male model.

He has 2 daughters with Setsuna and now they have one new cub on the way. smilies/icon_wink.gif

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Full Name: Tigers Eye
Gender: Male
Race: Human/real tiger
Birthday: July 29
Sign: Leo
Age: 30
Race: Caucasian/White
Appearance: Both Masculine and a pretty boy.
Hair : Golden orange or flame gold
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Cream
Height: 6ft, 3in
Weight: 185lbs
Build: Broad-shoulders and narrow hips. A tall and lean mass of muscle.
Bloodtype: A
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Partner: Setsuna
Favorite Color: Orange, red, white
Favorite Food: Raw Steak
Least Favorite Food: Veggies
Bad Habit: Chewing his thumbnail.
Strengths: Unpredictable, loyal, powerful, passionate, daring, impulsive, vigorous,affectionate, stimulating.
Weakness: Can be restless, reckless, impatient, quick-tempered, obstinate, selfish, aggressive, moody
Hobby: Hunting, Motorbikes, Running, Weight lifting, Acrobatics, Pro Wrestling, playin the guitar.
Dislikes: Not being complimented or admired
Dream: All came true man! All came true.
Likes: Motorbikes, performing.
Future Goals: To protect his wife and chilluns.

Weapon - Serpents Spiked Whip.
Powers - Superhuman sense of smell.
Strength of a wild tiger.
Animate Transformation, can transform into a full grown tiger whenever I want.
Tiger Claws - can use in human or tiger form

GS Tiger Eye

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Gender: Male

Mom and dad. I barely remember...


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SmalI Lady Report | 08/01/2014 6:28 am
SmalI Lady
User Image
Setsuna-sama is important to me too User Image
Ah! I said hello to your daughter too! I can't wait to hear from her!
Jupiter CrystaI Power Report | 08/01/2014 4:46 am
Jupiter CrystaI Power
Thanks for the add brah biggrin
SmalI Lady Report | 08/01/2014 4:19 am
SmalI Lady
YAY!!!!!! User Image
I will pop on over and leave her a visitor comment, Mister Tiger!
SmalI Lady Report | 08/01/2014 3:47 am
SmalI Lady
User Image
Y-You tricked me the whole time?! I bet you are just saying that too! He REALLY didn't say any of that at all.. did he?
- Feels embarrassed -
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 08/01/2014 2:38 am
Crystal Sailor Pluto
Setsuna blinked for a moment, but gently kissed him back, pressing her hand to his chest.
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 08/01/2014 1:00 am
Crystal Sailor Pluto
"Hmm? Oh." Setsuna's mind had wandered elsewhere in between the ceasing noise and the silence. "He seems fine now. Nothing particularly unusual, although he did seem to respond to that marvelous singing." She added with a touch of sarcasm at the end, giving him somewhat of a teasing smirk, although it melted away into a softer smile as she spoke. "I know he loves you though."
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 08/01/2014 12:38 am
Crystal Sailor Pluto
Setsuna quickly clasped her hand over his mouth to stop the noise. "Please. Stop."
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 07/31/2014 11:46 pm
Crystal Sailor Pluto
Setsuna held her hand over her mouth as she chuckled, trying to walk away from him quickly to escape. "Sure I can. At least I can try to."
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 07/31/2014 11:35 pm
Crystal Sailor Pluto
She shook her head, realizing there was no use in doing anything but rolling with it. Unless of course she could sneak away, which she slyly did while his eyes were closed.
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 07/31/2014 11:11 pm
Crystal Sailor Pluto
Setsuna pursed her lips together as she glared at him, enduring the swaying back and forth.


All my fans, and even my lover.

Totoro Desu on 07/31/2014