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Easy info
they may vary & it includes coloring.
Head/Face - 5k to 10k
Torso up - 20k - 30k
Full Body - 100k or bribe

Fan Boys = 35
Fan Girls = 27
Total= 62
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Rainbow Icecream Cake my #1 Fan
Lastest Fan = Con Vallian ~ Who made up the Grr` fan club


Been On Gaia since

I'm not the Greatest Artist.
but is Better then most.
So if i'm not lazy i'll draw haha

Other wise don't ask

I Like •
Family & Friends

→ Sculpting←
Art ♥



i Dislike

People that Break my Heart.
People that Draw Better then me (Monkey`)
Dumb-a** people.
DishWashing My Friends!
Chocolate Candy

What Grr is going to do. Is Show Most of the Lovely! Art Work she has gotten :]
Grr` ~ Love's the Cool Colors ♥

Btw. I will remove people off my friends list. So please. If you still want to be a friend. Talk to me otherwise I will remove you off. And Yes. i remove people that don't Talk to me. and if you did message me i may have forgot to reply. which i'm sorry about.

Monkey` my best friend Forever ♥

Btw. i made this about me when i was 14 years old. yet pretty much i'm still the same.
"there's only one me in the Galaxy ,
I am an endangered Species, "

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