The Name is Mont/21/Male/White.

There are so many things to say about myself, i'm loving, kind, sweet, emotional, hardy, shy etc. I like to talk with people a lot to keep my mind off of other things that really get to me. I have a lot of mood swings and it's a total pain to deal with and I like to be alone when they happen so I don't hurt those around me.

The people that I've grown so attached to on this site are so close to me that i'll do anything for them. I keep all my friends close to me. If I lose someone it feels like I've lost a piece of myself.

Just so you know, I don't really trust people or will let any one in on anything what's going threw my head. I'll be happy to still talk with you about anything though.

I am also open to talk with new people, PM me or what not if you're looking for someone to talk with.
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