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Let It Go goes tribal


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Last Login: 04/26/2015 9:36 pm

Registered: 10/22/2004

Gender: Female

Location: IL, USA

Birthday: 11/14/1986

Occupation: student

All about me!!


I'm Greenie. I'm 28 and I live in IL.
I'm not your average person, but I am sadly,
rather boring. Interested in being interesting and badass.
I live with my mom, dog and cat.
I'm looking for things to do with my life.
Random PMs accepted.
Random friend requests,
stupidity and chatspeak are not.
I'm a fan of blue and pink.
my blog
^^ there are over 60 posts.
If you click the "greens24" you get my about page.
Please ask me stuff.


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-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/21/2015 5:55 pm
Totally agree!!! pandaH and I try to get everything we can organic. yum_puddi
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/21/2015 5:52 pm
It's going to be all organic, except the tomatoes, lol.
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/21/2015 5:30 pm
Yummy yummy!!!! I love sandwiches!!! biggrin And also soup!!! I'm making pizza tonight.
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/21/2015 5:03 pm
I'm sorry to hear that. emotion_hug
What did you eat??
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/21/2015 4:11 pm
Oh no!! How come?!
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/21/2015 10:01 am
LOL!! Thanks!!! Thought I'd toss something together, :3
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/21/2015 9:57 am
How are ya!??!
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/20/2015 7:26 pm
tooticky Report | 01/11/2015 2:10 pm
I guess it's bad of me, but I pretty much expect that from the majority of teenage boys and young men. I was never really badly bullied in school but had been picked on every now and then and know just how vicious they can get. I don't think people realise how cruel teenagers can be..
tooticky Report | 01/11/2015 2:04 pm
Hey, I'm from the AMG guild and replied to a thread you made. Well, I just wanted to stop by and say hi and that I read your "About Me" and we have a few shared likes in common, in regards to music, the most. smile
Sorry about that guy again. What a loser. xp


Love meeting new people. Random PMs are welcome.
I make origami and color.
Talk to me. I have no life.smilies/icon_xp.gif

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I like to chat.

I like to be fancy

Could be better
then the original