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Account for Axis Powers Hetalia Greece and 2P!Greece

Name: Hellenic Republic ("Greece")
Human Name: Heracles Karpusi (2P! Damianos Karpusi)
Human Age: mid twenties
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 25

: Well, I like cats, and ancient ruins and such. I also like naps and warm sunlight. I often daydream and think about what it may have been like in ancient times...

:Turkey (not the bird, the country), those who insult his mother

Trivia (taken from Hetalia Wiki)
~Greece's birthday was originally listed as October 28th, but was changed to February 3rd by the time the published manga was released. His first birthdate corresponds to the date that Greece's independence (from the Ottoman Empire) was officially recognized in the London Protocol, on February 3rd, 1830. Greece's 2010 profile, however, changed his birthday to March 25th, corresponding to Greece's national day of independence to commemorate the Greek Revolution.

~An early draft for a Greece character shows him as a short-haired man with glasses. It first appeared on the Bamboo Thicket blog, though Himaruya left the identity of the nation for viewers to guess. The character was later outed as an early Greece in the special edition booklet that came with Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 3. Himaruya noted that the design was his perception of Greeks, but that it changed after he met a few Greek people.

Fun Fact: The Creator of this mule shares a birthday with Greece! Needless to say this SO didn't cause some favoritism for the cat lover! XD

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