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Why are you bothering me? Must I ram my hand through your throat so you wont talk?

Hello,this here is the page for my AU fanfiction's main character,"GreedPhonse".
AU as in "Alternate Universe",he's a character who's been around for almost 7 years now,but the story line of the fanfic both combines with that of the Manga,and more of the original 2003!Anime for Fullmetal Alchemist,

As in the theory of Homunculi,The Gate,Dante,The Theory of the Stone, all based off of the 2003!Anime.

So no,not a Manga/Brotherhood version of Al possessed "By Greed"

This Greed was born through the failed attempt at Ed failing to revive Alphonse,due to a deadly,incurable illness he sadly contracted at the age of 10,on the very way home from his teacher's.So...desperate to still revive their mother,although terribly ill and bedridden,the brothers study more into Alchemy.Yet 3 years of battling the illness,known as "Relam's Disease",Alphonse passed away,leaving Ed broken,enough to make his final choice.But instead,failing,losing his limbs and many of his internal organs,crippling him with a deadly condition just as Teacher,whom tried to warn Ed herself.For this,the transmutation Edward attempted,failed,rebounding into a malformed,organic mass of organs and flesh,only to have the simple,broken voice near Al's,with a single human arm showing the only likeness to an actual human.Traumatized,Ed is left to die from bloodloss,only to be saved luckily by Winry,to check merely on the House Ed left behind a year to train with Izumi yet again,to assure his goal would be completed.

By this creature,unknowingly to Ed,was intended to be created,born and dubbed the embodiment of Ed's sin.Dubbed by the "Master" of the homunculi,to be Ed's since of selfishness,having no regard for noone but merely himself.Due to the original Greed's death,the new sin before them,who was successfully able to gain the perfect shape almost exactly identical to Alphonse's (just with more pale and darker features) "Greed" was given his new title.

"Of you're a homunculus who's meant to be Al,are you anything like him?"

-No.I am nothing like him.No way,shape,or form,but I do enjoy having his little innocent face to merely manipulate the pathetic worms around me~ heh heh heh~ none of you can hurt such an innocent face, can you~?

"How old are you then?"

-My physical appearance? I would estimate a young man,around..hmmm pre adolescence,hmmm 13..14 I would say,due to my being,actually being based off of such a young boy.

While my actual age,is going on 3 years.
But don't be thrown off,I AM NOT a child! My intellect is far more superior and mature than such! DO NOT MOCK ME!



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