▌First Name▌
Not seeking Relationships.. Don't ask.
▌Sexual Preference▌
There is no greater honor than protecting those who deserve it~Caros Silva
Scarecrow, Soulless, Saerow, Ric
▌Hair Color▌
▌Hair Style▌
under shoulder length
▌Eye Color▌
Hazel with gold near center
▌What is your favorite color▌
Black or White
Black Ops 1&2,Diablo3,
Tekken Series[King is my favorite fighter]
?System Of a Down?
▌Music Video Or Song▌
Tentative [System of a down]
Paintball,Bowling,Chess,Pool Tables
▌Inspired by▌
Einstein, Edgar Allen Poe, Piers Anthony,
George Lucas, Anne Rice, George Washington
And Abe Lincoln.
U S A [A real American]
▌What _____do you hate Food▌
▌Tv show▌
Twilight Zone, Outer Limits
▌Clothing style▌
Matrix trilogy

▌About me▌
I'm a male, that doesn't hold grudges long, forgives easily, believes in the holy doctrine of old and new testiment, I smoke cigarettes for now, No drugs or alchohal, I suffer from depression and paranoid schizophrenia. I am very sweet and usually soft spoken.. sometimes my brain pulses not in a painful way but my voice changes when that happens. Alot of holy things seem to happen to me, alot of my prayers are answered, and I pray for anyone who needs it , even if they don't ask for it. I am reserved sexually which means I don't have sex with my partner for awhile, I must understand her chemical makeup before I dive into love, also I am a man who believes in real love, reincarnation,afterline,jesus, marriage that is forever, and a loving god of my understanding. If you ever need a prayer ask me in a private message and I'll do my best.

Gaian Starsign: Halos Constellation
Find your Gaia Sign Here

What I love on Gaia:
Great friends like
xoClicheOuais dropped me a billion
Slenderman Nightmares Not many are as kind as him. He is truely is worth being friends with. Gave me a A.M.
*Travrus Butlur who has donated
to me abit of gold ^^
Polyphia Gifted me a Russian Butcher
*PrettyladyC She's really good and
cool to me even if I'm a scoundrel at times
*HourofVengeance who has given
me a honorable mention ^^ and is really
nice overall and openminded with discussions with me

What I hate about Gaia:
Just the trolling mainly.. I know some
joke but some also are doing it to be mean

What I'm doing IRL:
I do alot.. PS3,Netflix,write music,youtube, and talk to you ^^



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Report | 05/28/2015 10:10 am


*hugs even tigher*

Report | 05/27/2015 7:40 am


No Problem Thats What Friends Are For!

Report | 05/26/2015 11:09 am


Hello Hello you should smile more just for luck!~ xd
Senshi no Raki

Report | 05/25/2015 3:50 pm

Senshi no Raki

Oh..You didn't deny the stalker part LOL
Senshi no Raki

Report | 05/25/2015 2:06 am

Senshi no Raki

STALKER!!! Hai 3nodding

Report | 05/03/2015 12:02 pm


Thank you so much!
Tanuki My Cookie

Report | 05/01/2015 11:41 am

Tanuki My Cookie

Eh, not really.
She wasn't treating you right.
You'll be a lot happier now and more relieved.
Relationships aren't everything.

Report | 04/28/2015 8:41 am


smile Thanks for the buy. Have a good one.
A Little Piece

Report | 04/19/2015 1:11 am

A Little Piece

Hello how are you?

Report | 03/30/2015 12:52 pm


hey is a player point blank ya know it is funny to think about it now after i quit being a model beccause i was being miss treated he leaves me even better right. but give me time and ill think about it ok


Follow your heart and if your heart is pure..
you will find salvation...
in any tyranny.
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