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    hola, i'm maria!
    i'm just some 19 year old filipino kid attending uni somewhere in canada.

    i like a lot of things, and chances are that i'll like you too.
    my hobbies include pretending to know how to use photoshop, crying over fictional characters, and overusing exclamation marks!!

    i don't really hang out a lot here anymore? i kind of lost interest here, and i probably won't ever change my avatar ever. i tend to stop by the WG and AF from time to time though!

    tbh i'm a shy lil s**t!! if i manage to talk to you guys, pls know that the more i talk to you the more likely i'd use chatspeak and smiley faces sry. i also tend to forgot to reply to comments a lot??? idk i'm kind of terrible.

    i'm also here if you're interested:

    have a nice day!!!
    ◕ ◡ ◕