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    hola, i'm maria!
    i'm just some 20 year old filipino kid attending uni somewhere in canada.

    i like a lot of things, and chances are that i'll like you too. mostly i'm into the animanga/webtoon thing with the occasional video game though!

    i don't really hang out here anymore? i p much lost interest here, and i won't change my avatar ever - considering the inflation over here lmao. i used to frequent in the wg forums, but i'm not gonna guarantee that i'll be coming back any time soon - or ever, actually. you'll see me around more at tumblr or logging stuff at mal!! feel free to hit me up there if you want!

    but yeah thnks fr th mmrs and whatever gaiaonline dot com!!!

    i'm also here if you're interested:

    have a nice day!!!
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