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Just to remind myself that my profile is on PUBLIC.

testing media players from
--all players can be displayed
--cannot change colors
--marquee song title, but only playlist players show song titles (multi, rect, playlist)
--dewplayer rect and multi are playlist compatible; both show song titles but multi has an error message upon loading page,though it works after playing, so a quick fix is to set multi to autostart
--for playlist players, must make autoreplay=true to make it go through each song without stopping after each track
--showtime will always show no matter what
--nopointer and fading do not work
--updating playlist on directlinkupload will automatically change link to match!! (Is there a way to clear playlists and start anew?) Plus, order of songs does not remain consistent, so perhaps shuffle isn't needed

if anyone wants a small player with a song title, just use any of the playlist ones and cut off the forward/backward buttons and/or song list

flash mp3 player playlist url:|| to Maplestory.mp3&title=ugly song|Gateway Galaxy|Welcome to MapleStory

--can change background color and link color
--play album or single track
--NO autostart or volume control
--working size parameters: grande, grande2, tall, tall2 (2's show tracklists and can scroll if needed)
--ignore the following parameters: tracklist, transparency
--order of playlist depends on how it's set on bandcamp