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testing media player from http://flash-mp3-player.net/
--must have direct link to .mp3 (upload to clyp.it)
--custom color buttons and background
--custom image background!!
--custom size (normal 200px by 20px)
--*putting in an image background makes the corners sharp (not rounded)

--song info button isn't working correctly

testing media player from www.strangecube.com/audioplay
--must have direct link to mp3
--button turns bigger upon hover
--button comes in two sizes, 30px by 30px and 15px by 15px
--button only comes in black or white
--background is NOT transparent; must set usebgcolor to yes and change bgcolor to desired color (with 0x in the front of the hex code)
--button turns red when active
--------------(otherwise, quite the simple player)

Just to remind myself that my profile is on PUBLIC.

Dang it. If media url's are too long, they get cut off.
Use tinyurl if necessary.

Shortened url:

lcome to Maplestory.mp3&buttondir=http:/

This one is probably unusable because of the Dewplayer tag.

testing media players from http://www.mysplayer.com/dewplayer/
--all players can be displayed
--cannot change colors
--marquee song title, but only playlist players show song titles (multi, rect, playlist)
--dewplayer rect and multi are playlist compatible; both show song titles but multi has an error message upon loading page,though it works after playing, so a quick fix is to set multi to autostart
--for playlist players, must make autoreplay=true to make it go through each song without stopping after each track
--showtime will always show no matter what
--nopointer and fading do not wowrk
--updating playlist on directlinkupload will automatically change link to match!! (Is there a way to clear playlists and start anew?) Plus, order of songs does not remain consistent, so perhaps shuffle isn't needed

if anyone wants a small player with a song title, just use any of the playlist ones and cut off the forward/backward buttons and/or song list

flash mp3 player playlist url:
http://flash-mp3-player.net/medias/player_mp3_multi.swf?mp3=http://flash-mp3-player.net/medias/another_world.mp3|http://clyp.it/ybncsuqy.mp3|http://www.directlinkupload.com/uploads/ to Maplestory.mp3&title=ugly song|Gateway Galaxy|Welcome to MapleStory