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Queen Vampirate Report | 06/05/2015 8:54 pm
Queen Vampirate
Are you my anon?
the hot hero Report | 05/27/2015 7:01 am
the hot hero
( nice prof song)
A Femme Fatale Report | 05/18/2015 9:00 am
A Femme Fatale
Detective Grayson? It must be my lucky day, considering you've decided to grace me with your presence.
Queen Vampirate Report | 05/15/2015 6:52 pm
Queen Vampirate
let's go on one together!
Queen Vampirate Report | 05/15/2015 6:42 pm
Queen Vampirate
I've been busy with work too. Can't wait for vacation.
Queen Vampirate Report | 05/15/2015 6:31 pm
Queen Vampirate
Whoa! Love the change! heart
DC Catwoman Report | 05/13/2015 12:39 am
DC Catwoman
Ooh, ice cream? That sounds yummy. So much better than cream from a dish. I'd love to take you up on that, but you know a girl needs to be careful about her figure.
Level Max Report | 05/12/2015 11:34 pm
Level Max
Yes, no problem.
It's called Chuunibyou Swordsman Style.
Flashette Report | 05/10/2015 11:16 pm
Duly noted, sir! ;;;
Mysterious Black Widow Report | 05/03/2015 12:56 pm
Mysterious Black Widow
I'm gonna go offline for a bit. I'll be back later. XD
Gotham Guardian