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[»]True Name: Goruk Devon
[»]Titles: none
[»]Affiliation: The Council, Hellbonds, Orelion
[»]Occupation: none

?Appearance: Avi

[»]Appeared Age: 21
[»]Actual Age: Unclear
[»]Date of Birth: Unclear
[»]Gender: Male
[»]Sexuality: Homosexual
[»]Zodiac: none
[»]Place of Birth: Original birthplace unclear.
[»]Race: Chimeric Experiment
[»]Heritage: Undeterminable
[»]Height: 6’1
[»]Weight: 200 lbs
[»]Build: Toned
[»]Skin Color: Pale
[»]Natural Eye Color: Blue and Black
[»]Natural Hair Color: unknown
[»]Current Hair Color: White
[»]Hair Length: Short
[»]Hair Style: well kept
[»]Defining Facial Features: Mask over his face
[»]Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
[»]Speech Patterns: Cool, refined, confident, nice


[?]Major Personality Traits:
[»] Rough
[»] Considerate
[»] Caring
[»] Calm

[?] Likes:
[»] Fighting
[»] Training
[»] Violin
[»] Swimming
[»] Traveling

[?] Dislikes:
[»] Arrogance
[»] Stupidity

[?] Quotes:
[»] I will protect those dear to me.
[»] Sounds good to me.

[?]Brief Biography:
[»] . Before coming to gaia Goruk was created on an earth in a separate dimension not unlike gaia. The world had been run without the gods for centuries many humans had forgotten about them entirley or just passed off the gods and their creatures as Myth and Legend and continued on progressing into modernity. Though they were not ready for them when the gods returned. They laid waste to society their might was stronger then any human weapon and it seemed the humans of this world were on their way to extinction. In a desperate attempt to thwart the gods, the humans began to create a chimeric creature formed from many of the Gods creatures such as Dragons, Sea serpents, Trolls, Hydra's, etc gathering this DNA over time until they finally succeed in the creation of Goruk. He was their last effort to destroy the gods as they created him to do just that. Over time Goruk took down each god from the pantheon until he came to the last, Chaos primordial god of the void , whom during mid battle opened a rift into another dimension shoving Goruk through and closing it. Goruk was then stranded in space. He was not affected by the vacuum of space however he did see a planet, very large in size, off in the distance. He shot himself towards the planet landing in a barton causing much destruction as he did. Over time he wandered this world, almost forgetting the world he left behind as he knew there was no way to go back. He figured out that the name of this world was Gaia and it was a place where many come to call home from all sorts of dimensions and time lines. He was simply amazed by this and vowed to make himself perfect here and make a new life for himself. .

?Offensive/Defensive Traits:

[?]Passive Abilities:
[»] Aether manipulation- The ability to control and manipulate Aether energy with his will or mind. He has a well of energy inside him that he can control and manipulate as any other mage. However he does have the ability to absorb the energy of other creatures and magic as well though this is limited to simple creatures and most arcane spells and magic. This ability was used well when he fought the gods in his earths timeline.

[»] Shape changing- He has the ability to change his appearance as well as bodily anatomy at will. Though he tends to take a more draconic appearance he does have the ability to look like virtually any combination of mythical creatures and human for he is a Chimeric experimentation.

Regeneration Ability- HAPPENS AFTER COMBAT AND ONLY IF NOT KILLED He can regenerate lost skin and limbs over periods of time though if his life force is gone from him body it will not regen.

[?]Active/Offensive Abilities:
[»] Enhancement ability- He uses his Aether energy to enhance his bodies limits and powers so he can be stronger quicker if needed. He is very much trained to use his energy in this way and can easily enhance himself leaving his weakness in the use of conjuring things or other abilities other then enhancing.

[»] Conjuration Ability- His Aether energy can be used to conjure effects such as elemental attacks ,fireball, Lightning bolts, etc etc. He is not very skilled in this way of using his energy though he is working on it so it can be brought up to par.


1. Custom GreatBlade- Its a greatsword created from specific weapons of the gods that were already slain by Goruk during his service to the earth. (Aether's Blade, Tartarus's Axe, Nemesis's Greatsword) This blade can channel the Aether energy throughout the blade and it seems to grow stronger as Goruk does being attuned to his very soul it quite literally is an extension of himself when he uses it though if anyone else attempted to lift it they would find it impossible.

Tail- His tail can be considered a weapon. Its scales are as sharp as blades and the back spines can cut through tungsten like it was butter. It is very long, about 5ft long, but agile and swift almost as if it has a mind of its own but truly it is controlled through pure instinct.

[?]Items Abilities:

[»] Morphable armor- He wears near lightweight armor that can morph with him when he changes form or otherwise while still maintaining its toughness.

Work in progress!


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Sweet Vittoria Report | 03/11/2017 6:22 pm
Sweet Vittoria
You're welcome, but Yeah I know what you mean, I don't RP much with guilds, they usually die off too quickly, and Barton Town open RPs usually go by too quickly for me, or you get people posting one liners neutral I tend to just roleplay 1on 1, a better pace with that.
Sweet Vittoria Report | 02/20/2017 12:42 am
Sweet Vittoria
Don't mind my passing through, just always good to see other (assuming here) roleplayers, you were on my suggested friend section and thought I'd poke my head in, pretty badass avatar there too smile
Cross L Hariko MK2 Report | 07/06/2016 2:27 am
Cross L Hariko MK2
Cross L Hariko MK2 Report | 06/13/2016 2:06 am
Cross L Hariko MK2
Cross L Hariko MK2 Report | 06/10/2016 6:01 pm
Cross L Hariko MK2
Happy b-day big guy
Natan Amos Report | 06/10/2016 9:49 am
Natan Amos
Happy birthday Rai
Cross L Hariko MK2 Report | 05/26/2016 7:05 pm
Cross L Hariko MK2
Been around. Send me your skkyyypppee
Cross L Hariko MK2 Report | 05/26/2016 4:17 pm
Cross L Hariko MK2
Setsuna Dachi Report | 05/25/2016 11:45 am
Setsuna Dachi
With that my dear fellow, I shall leave you with that but do remember this Nox knows all and Sees all
Setsuna Dachi Report | 05/24/2016 10:35 pm
Setsuna Dachi
Word on the street says you are a Legitimate Immortal, How adorable..I shall wait to see you exercise your strengths so I study them



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