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Hyunseung (BEAST), Eunji & Namjoo (A Pink) - A Year ago [MV]



• You can call me Goro or Domo
• Asian American
• 18 Years of Age
• Gaia is my favorite site
• Loves donations
• Loves Avi Art
• Loves Role Playing
• Loves all kinds of Music
• Loves Anime/Manga
• Loves to be your friend (don't be afraid)
Secretly a ___ (fill in the blank and get it right and you will recieve 10k)
• Ehhh, Kind of tired of that emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png so I'm just going to tell you I'm actually a girl~~~ emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif
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よるがくればまた【PareFura ft. Luna】

Prepix (프리픽스) & Yoseob [B2ST] - 돈 들어오면 (When I Get Paid)


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Call me Ser Goro Domo or Master Grey Warden...


Birthday: 03/12

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angel_eyes200 Report | 03/17/2013 8:55 am
I've been waiting for you to come on so I could greet you you rightful 'Happy Birthday'
But you never did T_____________T I'm just worried. </3 You okay?
Hopefully things are going well where you are. I miss you too much <///3
Come back soooon! So I can tell you Happy birthday D;
Madam Exorcist Report | 03/14/2013 3:03 pm
Madam Exorcist
oh. I always have 3 hours to spare with otome games 8D
dfsijkasjkld- are you cereal- That is soooo clever! and cute
and amg. //dead// Why are otome games so //sob//


I know! I'm so done with school. XD Can't wait till graduation! *7*
Yeah. no one got a 3 and I heard they failed one person.
Well! as long as you pass to hell with it~ XD
Madam Exorcist Report | 03/13/2013 7:31 pm
Madam Exorcist
You're super welcome! They were fun to draw 8D emotion_bigheart
And YES. you need to draw them more gurl. XDD

aww Thanks! ehehe. yes. dem boots <3

ohhh! that makes sense //nod nod// LOL. you and those voltage games.
Making me jelly because I want to play them! >A<
Oh snap! Good luck on that math test!!!
Thank goodness, that'd suck if the finals were hard.

OH OH OH. yeees emotion_dowant
I didn't want to say anything because I thought I was cursing my luck but it was this week!
I thought I'd say something AFTER I passed. lololol.
I had mines already and I passed~! !! ( to hell with high school! ) Damn hard judges though. //got sensei/ badluck//
But yeah. Woot woot. I'm done. //dead//
and oh ho~
Madam Exorcist Report | 03/13/2013 7:18 pm
Madam Exorcist
OI. wry u no on. XDD
Anyways! HERE~ Late Gifto-
Happy Birthday >U<
Madam Exorcist Report | 02/12/2013 3:12 pm
Madam Exorcist
oh thank you kind soul~ <3
Madam Exorcist Report | 01/24/2013 1:45 am
Madam Exorcist
oh thankies~ I approve yours as well 8>
Atelier Mairu Report | 01/10/2013 3:54 pm
Atelier Mairu
Thank you~~! *3*
angel_eyes200 Report | 01/09/2013 7:29 pm
lurve the profii~
Madam Exorcist Report | 01/08/2013 10:50 pm
Madam Exorcist
your profile makes me happy.
Those songs! <3
Atelier Mairu Report | 12/18/2012 7:44 pm
Atelier Mairu
Thankies~ emotion_bigheart

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