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My birth name is Cain Abelnann, but you may call me Cain. I no longer claim association to my birth family. Both my birth mother and father are deceased, and I am the last of their lineage. One Mr. Steve Leonard is a traitor (and apparently a stalker), and if seen, should be reported to the police immediately. Trust me when I say no good will come of being around him, despite his being the Lord of the Vampaneze.

It is not just me that both fears and abhors him. Ask one Natallie Rychtar her thoughts on him. She's still recovering from her abusive relation with him, not to mention the 15 year kidnapping and forced marriage, then murder of her friends and throwing out of her kitten. Oh, and the brainwashing. Must not forget the brainwashing. She cowers in fear at the sight of him. How he thought he could keep her love, I've no idea.

Another who can attest to his crimes is one Charlotte ... Well, just Charlotte, I guess. b*****d child, leader of the Flock, nicknamed Crow. In all aspects she is a criminal, and another obsession of Steve's. You'd think he learned with Natallie. But no, and now look. Almost every woman hates him.

Yet for all his intricate plans he cannot see how Walter is using him. I always used to wonder about that man, but I see clearly now. What Steve sees as brotherly affection, I call arrogance and cunning. For all Walter's crimes, though, stupidity is not one of them.

Now there is Hannah. She is a wonderful woman. Very pretty. Her face is symmetrical, and her body is perfect for bearing babies. A shame I cannot provide her with any, and even if I could, I am not a perfect breeding match.

Name: Cain
Age: No
Species: Vampaneze
Gender: Male
Status: Married
Job: Varied; Practiced Assassin, Doctor, Warrior
Allegiance: Vampaneze

List of Donators (You've really helped me out, thank you) :
- ii-Caraxx (Dangerous Denim)

- Your Vampaneze Lover (Cakey Mood Bubble, Winking Mood Bubble, Spoons Mood Bubble)

- Atrise (20k)

- Chreiya (5k)


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Research, Facts, Information, Etc.

Research done through observation and long amounts of time collecting data. Many tid-bits will be posted here to keep my memory fresh and to keep things like links on hand. Read these if you want, it does not matter to me either way.


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inevitable love Report | 06/25/2013 1:08 pm
inevitable love
thank u!!! 4laugh
II Swagah II Report | 05/18/2013 7:11 pm
II Swagah II
Thank you for purchasing my Captain Ara's Nestegg, have fun
King Joffrey Baratheon Report | 04/01/2013 1:07 pm
King Joffrey Baratheon
Your token has been noted and accepted. Thank you for the welcome back. When the war ends your loyalty will not be forgotten.
Lady Nymeria Sand Report | 01/01/2013 11:11 pm
Lady Nymeria Sand
Thankyou for the add, welcome to my Khalasar!
Ignore my friend request, got it all sorted out, lol!
Grave Hellkite Report | 12/26/2012 4:45 pm
Grave Hellkite
Oh, yes! The Larten Crepsley Saga. I adore those just as much. It was so nice to read about Crepsley again! If you read it and enjoy it let me know. I'm not sure how long it'll be before I get to it. I have a MOUNTAIN of books to get for before I can even dream of reading it myself. Any least favorite books/characters by him?
Grave Hellkite Report | 12/26/2012 2:06 pm
Grave Hellkite
No problem! As for your question, absolutely! I love Darren Shan's' work. I started with his Cirque Du Freak series when I was still a teen and I think I've read just about every book he's come out with since then. The only one I haven't read yet is his book Zom-B.
Lucia LeFay Report | 12/22/2012 3:02 pm
Lucia LeFay
Thanks for buying!
makaronin Report | 10/20/2012 10:32 am
Thanks for your purchase~
MemoriesOfGreen Report | 09/23/2012 3:15 pm
Yes. I cannot describe how awkward he made me feel. How do you get an angry, paraplegic, ginger man to calm down? I never found out.
MemoriesOfGreen Report | 09/23/2012 2:45 pm
Yeah, I think his opinion is based more on personal prejudice than he's willing to admit. The last time I encountered someone ranting about how awful religion is was earlier this year in art class, of all places. You'll be shocked to know his argument (which was more like a rant) was way less intelligent than the guy who we spoke with in the forums. It makes me sad.


Sometimes I donate when I see quests. Do not beg, I give gifts randomly.

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This ... traitor ... I wish I could say he deserves death, but ... How could I?

Crazy lady has guts, I'll give her that. But you need brains alongside brute strength.

She gets drunk all the time, but somehow Steve is attracted to her ...?