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3DS ffriend code: 1693-1087-3027
x-box gamer tag: NINTEND0 3DS
PSN name: Karuoso

Amazing Avi art done by a wonderful friend.
me as a female ;P

I drew this one myself.





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Ranivier Report | 01/13/2017 8:28 pm
Hi you don't know me but I was looking at profiles and I really like yours. The background and music sounds like it would be from Monster Hunter. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway just saying cool profile bro.
SuicideShy Report | 01/02/2017 6:19 pm
big bro- i missed you nyo... ; n ; </3
II Velvet Von Black II Report | 12/24/2016 6:19 am
User Image
YAMATAI Report | 12/11/2016 1:45 pm
mumblejunkie Report | 11/29/2016 5:56 pm
Yeah, since I only have to work enough to pay bills I think I'll be on here a bit more.
mumblejunkie Report | 11/28/2016 5:09 pm
I live in Florida again, gonna just try to knock out my last year in my Bachelors degree. Then move on with my life.
mumblejunkie Report | 11/27/2016 8:36 pm
This one was like, less than a year. Our lease was supposed to be up in January, I ended up running out in October. Lol.
mumblejunkie Report | 11/27/2016 8:27 am
Mostly just moving from GA to FL again. Been dealing with a crazy roommate situation. Ill tell you about it sometime.
mumblejunkie Report | 11/26/2016 8:19 am
Also! I added you on Xbox biggrin
mumblejunkie Report | 11/26/2016 8:17 am
I know, I'm on and off pretty much all the time. You're one of the only remaining people on my friends list that's been consistent. So gold star for you!