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707 crosplays all day everyday~ I do wish you luck with making Zen tho. I have a lot of school work too. I hate my typography class for how much work we have. My teacher is crazy.

Ah, I c. I'm not used to what's seen as fine... for reasons. I'll prob still keep it on the down-low 'cause I'm a bit shy about it now.

lol Zen does have a lot of drama throughout. I think Yoosung has a lot of drama too? I got his bad end before the drama though lol. Jaehee didn't have too much drama. She just trolled Jumin lol.

I'm going slow too. //also can't buy hourglasses. I got busy so I'm trying to put it aside until I have the time to do it. Like, really? Chat is open at midnight and at 3am? Not to mention during my classes. Y u do this game? ;;

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lol I should stop posting as 707 since it takes up so much space~

If you get a Zen avi, you can be the prince and I'll be princess 707 lol
Ah, what about method of songxi with a item for white bangs? That recolor isn't available in the marketplace tho crying I'd use Ivory baronet for the bangs since I have it on hand.
Or maybe "Guy's Tiny Tail" in salon Durem? confused

emotion_8c I just found out a good cosplayer I know irl did 707...
ahah... I guess... I'll just share my cosplay with people online redface Is it weird for people to cosplay the same person? emotion_sweatdrop

I like Jumin's gap moe lol. I like gap moe period. I really don't like how he treats Jaehee though ;; she made her faint from her working before crying //not really much of a spoiler???

Ah~ things get interesting on day 10 for Zen... that rhymed I liked his route heart I don't think there's much mysteries to find out from his route. If you played other routes day 10 might not be as interesting lol or if you looked up spoilers XD I kinda used a guide only as a crutch. Just to dodge bad ends and help me make up my mind when I'm indecisive.

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Oh! I'm just as handsome if not more so than Zen, you say?
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Don't say that in front of him though. Zen can be quite the beast when he's mad ;;

Yes! Give me Elly~

((lol I don't think you've even seen me before? Unless your a hacker! XD I can see how Zen would be hard. Mostly the hair. I feel like I've seen an item for his hair? I can't remember - ^ -" hm... I like Zen and 707 but I've only played Zen's so he's my fav.
lol you like Jumin and Zen? They're polar opposites XD I'm trying to like Jumin - w -" I hope I'll like him more once I play his route... I played Jaehee's route so I don't have the best impression of him at the moment))

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lolololol you must really like Zen to mention him specifically~
Everyone is doing fine. You can give always give him a call if you're worried.
If you hear from Jaehee, see if she'll let me over to see my Elly
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((Thanks. I mostly just used items I have lol. I'm trying to find the right eyes though >_< I also got a wig irl as well as yellow glasses and a cross necklace. Hope I can put together something for him~))

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In the flesh~ User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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I found this website called gaiatools.com and there were a few themes that they had which you could get the code to!

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I'm glad you like it! 3nodding You dont have to give me anything but I'll put up my wishlist if you wish. My items are pretty easy to get so you dont have to waste much xd

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Im glad that its useful for you whee
Miraculous Ladybug

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Miraculous Ladybug

emotion_kirakira Hello!!!!


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