My Feelings For Noct <3

Have I ever explained how I feel about GodNoct IV? Probably did, but I'm going to say it again. He is the light of my life and the best thing to ever happen. No I am not just saying this like I did about other guys. No I mean this. It is with most happiness that this man is in my life. He is what I have been wishing for in a long time. He is who I see at the end of the isle when I'm to be his bride to be. He will be the father of my future children when I am ready. I want him and only him. I want to be able to stay by his side till we die. Maybe even after death I will meet him again. I believe destiny is what lead me to him. This is what I call my happiness, this is my love and my life. He has become everything to me. He is there when I need him. My family loves him . If I ever cry he is there to make me smile again. If I'm mad he always knows the easy way to cheer me up. If I want to be a goof he can sit beside me and be one too. He loves me through thick and thin. I love him beyond infinity. He has become my soulmate , my lover , what ever you want to call him. I don't want anyone to come in my way of being with him. He has made me felt like a princess from day one of when I was his friend and still treats me like one to this day. I won't take him for granted. I won't allow him to slip away from me. He is and always will be my lover. If he ever left me I wouldn't want anything but to bring him back. I would do anything to prove I love him. If I had to if drop all my guy friends in a heart beat to show my love for him. I would walk across hot coal for him. I would protect him with everything I could. He would do the same for me. My heart is his. One day I shall be Mrs. GodNoct IV, And I don't want anything less then that. I want to be able to love and hold him. I want to cherish everything that is the best with him. If there is an issue with my love for him then you can go away and leave. I don't need it. In my eyes he is all I need to be happy. I couldn't ask for anything more then what he offers to me

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My Lover,

James, you have made my world turn from the worst thing possible to the best thing possible. I have waited for a long while to find someone like you to show up in my life. I'm glad to have you. I love you with all my heart. Your my soul mate. You are my senpai where i am your kohai. You complete my heart. You have been the light guiding me to the right answers. I have been trying my best to show you the love you need and that I am capable of giving it to you.
I have been as sweet as I could be. I love to joke with you. I love when we talk for endless hours. I love when you hold me in your arms. I feel as if I'm home and safe. I could have never given you more love then you give me. Daily I am reminded that the love of my life is with me and no matter what. I am thankful to be with you. You have been with me for almost a year now. I wish to keep it going. For I could never live with out my everything. And your never going to lose your Princess Lucy.

your Princess Lucy <3
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