When you believe

Why Science is a Religion (that Proves God is Real)

Atheists, Prove Abraham Lincoln is Real!



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Jesus is awesome~ :3

Question: Does God exist? Answer: Yes. You can find him if you seek him. How will you ever know if he's real or not real if you don't try to find out in the first place? Have you prayed before? Or just assumed that it wouldn't work? : )

As night slowly changes to day, drying the evening dew

Birds sing a song of love, to me and to you

Singing one of those days

One of those days to feel the warmth of the sun upon our face

To breathe the breath of life, given to us freely

To contently watch a streams water as it runs from distant snow

capped mountains, on its long journey to the sea

To peer into the sky and see and eagle in flight, forever so free

One of those days

One of those days to open our heart and eyes to the one true

light and recognize His truth, peace, and serenity

One of those days to see the children around the world play

without the scars of prejudice, injustice and hate

As loved one's embrace, tears of joy runs down their face

One of those days to share this world

One of those days to share, His love

One of those days to thank God, for all of our days

One of those days

Let it be today.......
- Wallace

The man’s name was Jesus of Nazareth
The crime committed read: King of the Jews
While on that cross, He taught Psalm Twenty Two
Then He said, ‘It is finished, ’ ending death

He paid the ransom required you know
The Lamb who would be led to the slaughter
Bearing our sins and stripes at His Altar
He is the One written of long ago

The greatest love our God has for His wife
What a great price He paid to set us free
John Three Sixteen: if we belief in Thee
Thou shall give our souls everlasting life

For those who decide to walk in His Way
They shall be grafted to His Tree today
Abiding in Him, inheriting all
For He has not changed, but fulfilled the Law

Through His Word and Spirit we learn all
In His resurrection we see the eternal
- Udiah

God is space less, timeless, and everlasting. Such a being can exist on his own, no?