Call me Rukus. I'm an artist, writer and role-player. My DeviantArt page serves as my artist's portfolio, as it has my most recent work displayed. I now take RLC for artwork. PM me for details and pricing. I also collaborate with a good friend of mine on a steampunk-ballerina webcomic. (Please note: it's still in its early stages.)

On the writing front, I'm currently revising book one of my series. Book two is half-written and I've got a few chapters of book three drafted. I'm also juggling a few unrelated writing projects with my main series at the moment. This means if you start a roleplay with me, my responses will probably be slow.

With that said, please do strike up a role-play with me if it suits your fancy! Send me a starter post and I'll either respond in character or tell you politely that I'm not interested. Be aware that I'm not actively seeking partners right now. I will be picky.

If you want to know anything else about me, just ask.

(The music playing is "Primavera" by Ludovico Einaudi. He is on Spotify if you want to check out his other songs.)

Current Quest:
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Wolf of Southtown (Classic Jeans and Shoes)

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Report | 04/08/2014 3:14 pm


Thank you. :]

Report | 04/06/2014 12:17 am


Thank you!

Yours is cute, by the way. mrgreen
Shea Heart

Report | 03/27/2014 7:36 pm

Shea Heart

Thank you so much heart

Report | 03/26/2014 7:35 pm


mean either ummmmmmm we can start from scratch do you want me to pm you?

Report | 03/26/2014 7:24 pm


that's fiine, i sorta want something with Karasu in it o.o;
Melissa: o.o; after that dumb pillow she saw she has a thing with wanting me to fight Karasu ><;

Report | 03/25/2014 7:09 pm


yay does that mean we'll start a rp? i've gotten better since you've left o.o;
Little Pikeru

Report | 03/23/2014 11:17 am

Little Pikeru

I hope life isnt eating you too much, so that you also have enough time to do what you love!!
Miyaka Hana

Report | 03/23/2014 11:16 am

Miyaka Hana

Aww, thank you! heart
Little Pikeru

Report | 03/23/2014 11:12 am

Little Pikeru

Yeah, life was busy and stressful. Made me take a little break from writing as well T____T
But now Im slowly easing myself back into it.
Little Pikeru

Report | 03/23/2014 11:09 am

Little Pikeru

Hello there! *hugs*
Yep, just sharing a bit of Hinata love XD
And how are you doing??


Artist, writer, role-player.

For commission information and samples, check out my DeviantArt.

(PM me if you're interested.)
I also collaborate on a Steampunk-Ballerina Webcomic