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Yeah, this is me. Get use to it.

Name: Ha! Fooled you! Only my close friends know it.
Username: Goddess of Dark Dreamers, but I go by Dreamer or Goddess. Whichever is fine.
Age: Twenty-one.
Status: Taken.
Sexuality: Brian. Nuff said.
Music interests: Rock, classic rock, punk, alt rock, alt punk, pop, j-pop, soundtrack, and classical.
Book interests: Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, House of Night, Mortal Instruments, etc, etc.
Activities: I am a lit to adv lit roleplayer. You'll mostly find me in the forums. I'm always looking for new roleplays, though only on terms I can agree too. Keep an eye out for my searches.
Gaia Besties: Nebula Arisen, Mads Hatter, keepin it katty, Nocturnal Nerd, Nina Nightingale, and the ever sweet, Lovely Lily Wolf. Everyone ties for first place.

A little about me... Unless you know me personally, I kind of like to be mysterious. There are some people who have known me for a long time, but they're still learning about how I am. I hate it when people befriend me and then start thinking they know who I am base on what mood I was in when I met them. I've had this happen many a time, and frankly, I ******** hate it. Just because I was nice and perky-ish when we met, doesn't mean I'm going to be the same way every time we talk. In all honesty, I'm a b***h, I have issues so deep, I question myself every step of the way. I am only human, or something in that general area. So that's about it...
Later !

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Dreamer || 21 || Aspiring Writer || Taken

"How the blood soaked protestant hell did you do that?"
"Fuck you, that's how."
- Hellsing Unlimited Abridged

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