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Name: Danny

[******** up[/color]
Kaaasseeeeyy <3
Yeah.Did you know she's perfect and beautiful? :3

First time meeting:two years ago
First time I found love:12.15.13
Officially Dasey <3:1.22.14 <3
I love you Spencer. We all do. 1.9.14. I miss you.
Favorite color:Purple

Best friends: Kasey
Favorite anime: Black Butler
Favorite drink :Rockstar or Arizona

Instruments: Drums, guitar, piano,flute,trumpet,banjo
[color=white]Animal: Red Panda
Quote:"Moist" Mattg124

Band:Of Mice and Men
From: Australia

Hair:Crimson red

piercings: 18 (three nose, five mouth area,gauges,seven other ear piercings,one eye brow,tongue)

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We all love you. Very much. 1/9/14 Australia -1/8/14 America

Mine <3

1.22.14 I love you my angel <3

So sorry you f*****t.

My beautiful girl c:

Frankly I don't give a damn what you say. I do love her. Very much. More than you ever will know. You know why? Because I actually give a damn about people. She's the nicest person I've ever met. You wouldn't know because you won't give a chance to understand. Take a walk in our shoes. You won't be able to handle it.Trust me.

Many of you guys knew him.He was important to so many of us.Spencer. He was a great guy.Always cared about everyone.But not himself. Since he was born he's been hurt,rejected,hated..and all he did was love. He saved so many lives. But still people hated him.For no reason. He never did anything wrong. He turned to a life of sex,drugs,and alcohol (only things that made him feel loved...). Because people don't understand being nice anymore. He donated over a million dollars to people. People that were always mean to him. His father hated him.His mother hated him. The only person that did love him was my mom. But he loved her so she had to go away right? She's no longer here.Hasn't been for a very very long time. I was barely alive at that time. I watched my own mother die because of all the hate in the world. He found true love.Scarlett. They had a kid together. Leland. But she kidnapped and never found.She's seven years old now. Scarlett killed herself not too long after that. No one saw Spencer for a long time until Ashley came back. Marriage,kids,she cheated,divorce,suicide. Karma. Love,coma, turned gay,suicide.Gage.Cheater.Andrew.Abusive. Gabe.Ran away. He never had a good life. Not in the beginning or end. As time went by the ones he loved were lost. He drank more and more each time. Until he was fed up and turned. His ex beat him. Causing him to have internal damage. On top of the drinking,his kidneys failed. His body rejected all of the transplants. But really his body didn't..he did. He gave up after all the abuse. You see. Because of these little words you say without thinking..really hurt. The only family I had left. Gave up.Because he felt unimportant.Hated. He felt like he was s**t. And If you don't believe me I'll give you his quotes from the journals he had to keep. He never knew that two people could really hold him back for so long. Kasey and Mike. I thank you for keeping him alive long enough so I could see him again. You guys meant more than you know to him. He loves you guys.

Kasey Is my girlfriend. We met about two years ago. She hated me but I thought it was cute. She's so perfect to me. I love everything about her,no matter what. Her flaws are her so they're good. She took my heart and I never want it back. She's the best thing in my life. Not many people understand me but she does. She's beautiful inside and out. Sadly she can't see this anymore. But that's okay. Because that just means I get to call her beautiful even more. She brightens up the world. She's the sun that feeds the plant life. Shes the moon that creates righteous waves. When I think of her name I can't help but smile. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. But that's not long enough. I wish I could hold her forever and ever. I love her more than anyone will ever love. You're perfect in my eyes. Never let people get to you. I love you Kasey Lynn M.

The most perfect and beautiful person ever. I love you so much Kasey. You're my everything and anything. Stay strong. I love you so ******** much.

Rest In Peace, Danny. 8/20/14~ 8/19/14