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Birthday: 02/14



Favorite TV Shows

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Please read this before talking with me

Gender: Gender Neutral / Agender
((I prefer they/them pronouns))
Orientation: Questioning
Beliefs: I will not tolerate bigotry of any sort
I will not tolerate idiocy
A Little Bit More:
I'm usually a pretty nice person unless you're either a jerk or an idiot.
I don't give out free gold, to anyone, ever.
(Certain exceptions may apply.)
((Specifications not shared. Don't ask.))
I don't accept friend requests from people that haven't made an effort to
talk to me. I'm romantically attached, don't bother asking. (Same for sex.)
I hate when people use the word random to describe things as:
silly, quirky, 'crazy', etc. Just don't. It's my biggest pet peeve.