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She knew why I wanted to kiss her. Because she
was beautiful. And before that, because she was
kind. And before that, because she was Lovely.
Because I could imagine taking a long trip with her
without ever getting bored. Because whenever I saw
something new and interesting, or new and
ridiculous, I always wondered what she'd have to
say about it. How many stars she'd give it and why.
She scare me a little. I wish for her, I always do. Her
name is on my mind at 3am, and thoughts of her
circle my mind throughout the day, only hoping that
I'm in her mind too. I hope that she will Love me for
the way I will never leave her. And I will Love her
for the thousand secret ways she will make me stay.

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Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

I'm not a complicated person. I just want to run away with you, rob a bank, fall in Love and eat ice cream in Paris. I am not a graceful person. I Love being alone, and still learning how much i like it. I am not a Sunday morning or a Friday sunset. I am a Tuesday 2am, I am gunshots muffled by a few city blocks, I am a broken window during February. My bones crack on a nightly basis. I fall from elegance with a dull thud, and I apologize for my awkward sadness. I sometimes believe that I don't belong around people, that I belong to all leap days that didn't happen. The way light and darkness mix under my skin has become a storm. You don't see lightning, but you hear the echoes. I have become far, far, far too talented at silent weeping. Sometimes I worry my heart is bursting at the seams with Love I am willing to give, the Love I had bundled inside of me during that harsh winter. Ready to present to you, but instead I smothered it back down unexpectedly, so now it is oozing from my cracks because there is no place to direct it. I am tired of always falling back to nostalgia, the parts just out of reach, the fond memories of what was lost along the way. Where are there affectionate sentiments and the dizzy fallings, the location for the unyielding kindness growing. I just want to say hello. You are a beautiful soul. You deserve to be treated as such.I'm scared as hell to want you. But, here I am wanting you anyway. I had nothing to offer you except my own confusion. I see all your light, and I Love your dark.


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Haraam bro Report | 03/04/2015 4:53 pm
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Haraam bro Report | 03/04/2015 4:51 pm
I miss you bby I might not be online tonight but just wanted to let you know I love you

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5nfosi Report | 03/04/2015 11:43 am
wowow going to sleep without asking for my permission mad gn pirate
5nfosi Report | 03/04/2015 9:01 am
chingoh omgomgomg i remember something happened a while back in zomg i think it was with u idk
remember when we were hanging out in bill ranch then there was a female who came and we ignored her then left and came back with a male knight avi person who kept "defending" her?
idk if it was with u or someone else lol lol lol
5nfosi Report | 03/04/2015 8:37 am
ya when i get back from college we'll fishhhhhhhhhh 59045904950459 fishes lets do this scream
serpent bluesky Report | 03/04/2015 8:25 am
I hope you Dad keeps his promise but you shouldn't be lazy! If you Love your chickens you should save them redface
I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that! Haha I'm totally down for a pet rock, it's ok if it's not cuddly...I'll work around that 4laugh
I have quite green fingers, I grow tomatoes during the summer usually 3nodding So I won't let your plant die!
5nfosi Report | 03/04/2015 8:15 am
cos your timing is always wrong lmfao. tomorrow lets fish all night long pirate
serpent bluesky Report | 03/04/2015 8:11 am
Ah no! You need an operation save the chickens, you have to same them dude. Well I think plants can be considered as pets, they're living things and they need looking after too!
I actually have a really pretty rock I found at the beach, idk why but I always search the beach for pretty rocks and shells... So maybe that can become my pet whee
5nfosi Report | 03/04/2015 8:06 am
im already sleepy lol
i don't want to do anything. just lay there like a dead person lol
serpent bluesky Report | 03/04/2015 8:02 am
Haha that's cute, I hope your family don't cook them either eek

Sadly I don't have any pets at the moment...I had a pet plant one time but it died crying
Haraam bro