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25 years {12/12/1990} ♐
⦁Happily married to Tim {05/02/2015}.
I N F P {Healer}
⦁Dork │Princess │Cutie Pie │ Idol⦁
I ❤: anime,drawing,baking,singing.
I'm also the #1 Oppai Idol Princess with sugary sass

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Tumblr: glaceypuff
Instagram: Glaceyon
Steam: Laceypuff
Battlenet: Glaceyon #1407
NintendoID: Moonyko
PSN: Moonydesu

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Tales of Zestiria
Dynasty Warriors 8
FFXIV: Glacey Puff//White Mage
Hyperdimension Neptunia
WoW:Makokoko//Bleeding Hollow//Priest

Proud owner of my first recolored item:

My Glacey Valentine

I n t e r e s t s

Movies Tangled, Frozen, Aladdin, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, The Amazing Spider Man, The Swan Princess.
Anime Sailor Moon, NANA, Attack On Titan, Love Live!, Pandora Hearts, Inuyasha, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Soul Eater, Idolm@ster, Magi, and Panty and Stocking.
Video Games Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy (X, X-2, V, XIII, XIII-2), Xenosaga, Pokemon, Dynasty Warriors, Disgaea, Tales of (Symphonia, The Abyss, Graces and Legendia), Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossin: New Life, Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, and Super Mario World.
Random Glaceon, Light blue and Purple, Cats, Red Pandas, Musicals, Cherry Blossoms, Raspberries, Hello Kitty, Panic! At The Disco, Legwarmers, Korean Dramas, Oversized sweaters, Fall Out Boy, Harley Quinn, Starfire, Sailor Jupiter, Ninja Sex Party, WWE, Game grumps, Markiplier, Christmas, Springtime, Diamonds and Pearls.


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Sad. Happy. Lonely. Excited. Loving. These are the emotions I will write about in here.



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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Girl, you tots should. I tried to go around the new pink knit item. ;3
Fated Olette

Report | 09/27/2016 12:47 pm

Fated Olette

Haha, i really actually wanted to do Jumin's route ; w ;
Magnificent Moonbeam

Report | 09/25/2016 5:50 pm

Magnificent Moonbeam

Imouto~, did you see the art?

Report | 09/23/2016 9:10 pm


heart heart heart
Magnificent Moonbeam

Report | 09/22/2016 8:22 pm


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Oh, my wand was cherry wood, unicorn hair, 12 3/4 in, and brittle. :3
I was worried I was going to get a shitty one. lol I need to make my avi now. >w< Going semi off yours. lol

Report | 09/22/2016 3:22 pm


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Aw, so you got a Dolphin and Hufflepuff? :3 Did you check your other house and wand? :3
I got Fox, Slytherin and Horned Serpent. :3

Report | 09/19/2016 12:51 am


That game/app be takin' over everyone's life lol ;n; But no regretsss 8U
Odd Cinderella

Report | 09/18/2016 1:31 pm

Odd Cinderella

Lol. I take it your sister-ing Magnificent Moonbeam?

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Right? He even deleted the recent posts I was questioning.
Mom was saying he uncomfortable and junk. I mean, I kind of get but Tumblr is a public site, everyone can see what he's posting. I mean I was curious but I didn't expect him to post crap like that.
And turning the conversation Mom even told me that she and him talked and things are "okay". Nile thinks he convinced her he didn't know what he's doing.
And that I'm probably so evil cause I was trying to mess everything up. Not the fact that hey, he looked like a uber pervert and tried to own up or say he's sorry that I saw that stuff.
Apparently, my older sister knew stuff and she didn't even tell my Mom. But I guess somehow I'm the bad guy in all this.

I told myself cause I could tell how the separated text conversations with my Dad, Mom, and Sister were going. Dad and my sister were trying to act like it was nothing. I thought my Mom was in my corner, now she's not. But I can tell from that, they were going to treat me like I'm dumb and make this my fault. And I told myself if they do, I'm not talking to them ever again. Too long I put up with them black sheeping me, telling me I'm a horrible person, I'm stupid, that apparently I have the 666 on the back of my head. They've treated me like s**t since I was 5 and I let it slide a lot. But this knowing it's not my fault at all and I did the right thing by saying something. I'm not going to take the fall for this crap. ******** that. If they want to not having a relationship with Kyra, that's fine with me. I do feel bad for Kyra though cause everytime I tried to FaceTime, she'd be like "gramma". But Nile's had to told me a couple times, they hardly care to talk to me at all or care about Kyra. So they are making their own beds. >w<; I'm not going to take the fall for this.
Right though? It happened last night and I felt like crying but I was also so pissed off.


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⋆G l a c e y o n⋆
The number one Oppai Idoru Purincessu
{ artist/gamer/dork/idol }
art by Trustings

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