"And I shall shed my light over dark evil...for, the dark things cannot stand the light... the light of the Green Lantern" - Alan Scott

And I shall shed my light over dark evil, for the dark things cannot stand the light... the light of... the GREEN LANTERN!
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

I cannot rest in my watery grave... till I have finished my original mission! I must appear before you, night after night, until you do as I say! Only then can I return whence I came!
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

Anyone ever tell you not to point a loaded gun at somebody - it might go off!
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

That was no accident last night... that was murder! It's time for the Green Lantern to make his appearance!
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

Don't go away - I only want to hurt you!
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

I've faced the darkness within and found that the light will always prevail!
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

And I shall shed my light over dark evil, for the dark things cannot stand the light... the light of the Green Lantern!
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

I'm sorry Green Lantern -- but this is for your own good. You're coming home with us.
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

While you're planning strategies, thinking about whether to call in the reserves, and generally acting like civilized men and women - he's already slicing your throat, thinking how good your blood will taste when it spatters against his tongue.
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

Whatever I envision happens. And right now, buddy, I'm seeing you six feet under!
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

That's why the Justice Society is so important to me. To Jay and Ted and Carter. Jay and his wife couldn't have children of their own. Ted lost his son. Carter neglected his. And I... I was never even there for mine. WE FAILED OUR CHILDREN. But we won't fail again. I won't fail you again. Or any of the children of the Justice Society. That is is my oath.
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

Ever since Vandal Savage captured some of us and we were rescued by the two Flashes -- I've looked forward to this get-together!
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

Stop the innocent act. You're aware of the complexities of this world; you're just choosing to ignore them.
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

Many of you have heard the rumors, You've heard of us wanting to downsize this team. We wanted to make a judgment call on who stays and who goes. I wanted you all to hear it from us - we want you to stay. Every single one of you. Because we were the ones who made a mistake. We were the ones who forgot - you don't give up on family.
--Alan Scott (New Earth)

help me find my daughter jade and my son todd (an someone make her i can help with money)

Total Value: 699,142 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Death Whisper (6th gen)
Immaculate Bishop
Lovely Genie Silver Bangle Bracelets
Lovely Genie Silver Bangle Bracelets
Carol of Ol\' Ebenezer 3rd gen.
Black Body Dye
Audrey\'s Black Long Gloves
Cobalt Galaxy Grav Boots
Black Spacey Body Suit Leggings
Cobalt Galaxy Suit
Blue Spacey Body Suit Top

Total Value: 216,283 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Super Powers
Audrey\'s White Long Gloves
DandiiDooDad Spore
White Space Girl Bikini Top
Green Baseball Undershirt
White Space Girl Torso Suit
Blade\'s White Boots
Super Powers
Green Body Dye
Green Baseball Pants

Total Value: 177,883 Gold
Item List:
Zorro Mask
Audrey\'s White Long Gloves
Green Traveller Top
V Pin (left half)
V Pin (right half)
Black Spacey Body Suit Top
Black Spacey Body Suit Leggings
G-Team Ranger Green Boots
Green Body Dye

Starheart Empowerment: Alan controls the mystical power of the Starheart, an ancient artifact created by the Guardians of the Universe to contain the predominate amount of magic they had gathered in the universe. After the destruction of his ring by Extant, the long-term proximity to the energy has left him able to direct the green flame and its attendant constructs by sheer willpower alone. Green Lantern has extensive energy manipulation powers able to effect the entire spectrum including gravity, radiation, heat, light. Creating Solid objects allows him to make Simple weapons, entrapments devices, common geometric shapes, gigantic hands and simple containers. It has been discovered that Alan's body is composed entirely of green flame.
Eternal Youth: The artifacts mystical properties also imbue Scott with seemingly eternal youth. His appearance of aging is only a magical manifestation of his will.
Phasing: through solid matter (described as the ability to “move through the 4th dimension”
Blinding Light
Energy Blasts: He can project energy blasts as fields of concussive force, flame, water or even ice.
Heat Beams: able to melt down metal.
Stun Beams
Danger Detection: Sense and reveal dangerous objects by causing them to glow
Energy Constructs: ability to focus his will and create solid objects such as giant hands, walls and etc.
Increased Strength: increase his strength and striking power by directing the construct into a weapon form. Alan tends to utilize archaic weaponry as his force modifier.
Electromagnetic Scanning: Alan is able to detect most normal electromagnetic phenomena are within an Amazing range, including radio, television, infrared and ultraviolet.
Power Duplication: He can use the power of the Starheart to duplicate the powers of other beings for short times, this allows him to keep up with the Flash, or have the lifting strength of Hippolyta.
Spell Modification: He has the power to modify spells since the Starheart and its attendant energies are magical in nature.
Energy Sheath: He seemed to have a relatively permanent personal force-field that protected him from bullets and the like (described as an “invulnerability to metal”). This life sustaining aura protects him from harm. He can generate a field of life sustaining atmosphere and protection from harmful radiation, even if he is unconscious.
Telepathy: Occasionally to read minds or playback events
Starheart Sight: allows him to track astral and mystical energy forms such as ghosts.
Teleportation: on occasion but it seem to be energy intensive or otherwise difficult or he would use them more often.

Engineering: engineer excelling in Repair/Tinkering
Expert Martial Artist
Class 100 While using energy constructs

Raised in the Midwest, young Alan Scott made his way to New York City when he began college. After two years in Pre-Med, he switched his studies to engineering and after graduation, found work building railroad bridges in the American Southwest. His contractor, a swindler named Dekker, had used substandard materials and had failed to follow all the safety guidelines. During a test run on one of the trains, Scott was nearly killed when the trestles collapsed, and his friend Jimmy wasn't so lucky. Wishing for the power to make things right and to bring Dekker to justice, his prayers were answered by a fragment of The Starheart, a collection of the "wild magic of the universe" collected by the Guardians of Oa millions of years ago. The Starheart Fragment was carved into a railroad lantern and now was giving Scott its power to bring his dreams into reality.

After bringing Dekker and his cronies to justice, Scott found that he could tap into the power of the lantern with a ring carved into the shape of the lantern that he wore on his left hand. Like the "mystery-men" that began to fill the newspapers in late 1939, he too wore a costume, more like a dramatic operetta character, with a large flowing cape and a mask to hide his identity.

After several adventures in Metropolis, he moved to Gotham City in early 1940, taking a job with WXYZ, a radio station. He began as a news reporter and soon became somewhat a star in his own right, with many reports about the new hero, The Green Lantern. At the station, his confidant and chauffeur was Charles "Doiby" Dickles, a cabbie who later became aware of Scott dual ID and aided him on many cases.

After meeting another hero, Keystone City's Flash, The Green Lantern was asked by the US government to aid British Intelligence. That case led to the formation of the Justice Society of America, which he was a founding member and second chairman. He struck up friendships with the Flash and Hawkman, and after the Flash left to pursue other interests, Green Lantern became its second chairman. On one case in June of 1941, however, he felt the limitations that his humanity still held as he was unable to stop the death of a young boy. Feeling that he might be spreading himself too thin, he also took a leave of absence. His friendships still held together, and he joined the Army before he might be drafted in late 1941, before the outbreak of the Second World War. His buddy Doiby re-enlisted too, though he was a Sargent to Scott's "buck private".

Captured along with the active JSA members, The Green Lantern soon joined the Presidentially mandated All-Star Squadron and was semi-active with that group. When the US officially entered World War II, Scott was released from his military service to continue broadcasting (It is not known if the US Government knew of his secret ID).

At the end of the War, with the retirement of several of the active JSA members, The Green Lantern and The Flash rejoined the group as active members, but neither returned to chair the assembly.

Two villains appeared after the War who would later impact Scott's life. One was created by the Manhunter Cult, to keep Green Lantern occupied. Molly Mayne was a gifted college athlete in an era when women were not expected to excel at such things. When trying to be forceful or independent, she ran into the chauvinistic feeling that women were better suited to remain in the background. Mayne worked for Scott as his secretary and fought Green Lantern as The Harlequin, a sort-of villainess who later used her abilities as an undercover agent for the FBI. When she faded from both Green Lantern's and Alan Scott's life, she moved to Europe to work her way up the company ladder.

The second villainess to affect Green Lantern's life was The Thorn, a schizophrenic villainess of the Flash. After aiding him in capturing her, she fell in love with Green Lantern, but this remained dormant during her treatment for her psychosis.

In early 1951, Green Lantern, along with the other active JSA members went into retirement rather than reveal their ID's to the Government. Scott used this time to build his place in the business world until he was able to purchase WXYZ. He renamed the company Gotham Broadcasting Company and continued to maintain an active presence in the day-to day operations, but grew distant from his friends. After being released from her treatments, The Thorn acquired the identity of Alyx Florin and met and fell in love with Scott. After a very brief courtship and marriage, her malevolent side manifested itself. Afraid of harming Scott, she faked her own death, but found herself pregnant. Giving birth to twins, she gave them up for adoption.

Several years later, as Gotham City began a slow slide to decay and internal corruption, a new vigilante stalked the criminal element. Known as The Reaper, he dealt out justice at the end of twin barrels of guns. Fearing the worst, Green Lantern confronted the "lawman" and was severely injured. His friends in the JSA came to his aid, but were unable to find The Reaper, who left for Europe soon afterwards.

Time went on, and just over ten years ago, a new Green Lantern began to appear on the West Coast. After meeting him and some of the "new generation" of heroes, Scott and his fellow JSA members began to come out of retirement, at least on a semi-active basis. During a downturn in the economy, however, Scott lost control of GBS and turned back to engineering for a while. Six years ago, Scott met his children, now in their late teens, as super-heroes Jade and Obsidian as members of the team called Infinity, Inc.

However, the long-lost family that he had always longed for was not to be for long. Even as The Thorn revealed to Green Lantern and her children that she was their mother, and soon died by her own hand, that the Harlequin reentered their lives, only to reveal herself as Molly Mayne and the two were married, that Scott and his fellow JSA members were lost, seemingly forever in another dimension.

Mayne used her own private monies to start up a cable "superchannel" in Los Angeles, and after Alan Scott's disappearance, turned it into a full-fledged cable network, Scott Telecommunications Inc. When Green Lantern and the others returned, Alan took up the presidency of the company and his relationship with his new wife. The Starheart, however, began to grow in power and sought to control every aspect of Scott's life. It rejuvenated him to his early 20s, distancing him from Molly, now in her mid-sixties. He took to calling himself Sentinel, to distance himself from his Green Lantern past and wore a new, more modern costume. After the battle with Extant and Parallax during Zero Hour, the ring and lantern were depowered, and the Starheart dwelt within his body. Later, the malevolent spirit of the Starheart was destroyed and Scott retained a small measure of his youthfulness, though he now appears in his late 50s. The "green flame" dwells within him and he has returned to the original costume, though he still calls himself Sentinel. He spends most of his time adventuring with the reformed intergenerational Justice Society.

Originally, The Green Lantern's powers were derived from a ring made of a fragment from the "magic lantern", itself part of the Starheart. The Starheart was the collection of "wild" or chaos magics drawn together by the Guardians of the Universe. This force, over several millennia, became sentient and became increasingly self-aware of its powers. When Scott first began to use it, it seldom spoke to him. Its abilities were to create objects from green energy and would last as long as Scott willed their existence. The energy could not affect wooden objects, or protect him from it. He could fly and its uses were limited only by his imagination and will.

Real Name: Alan Wellington Scott

Occupation: Green Lantern

Marital Status: single

Known Relatives: Alyx Thorin aka Rose Canton aka the Thorn (first wife,
deceased); Molly Catherine Mayne-Scott aka the Harlequin (second wife, divorced); Todd Rice aka Obsidian (son,deceased); Jennie-Lynn Hayden aka Jade (daughter,deceased [black lantern]); Alice Scott (daughter)

Group Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps, Justice Society of America

Homeworld: Earth

Sector: 2814

Description: Male human; Scott's appearance has changed, as he aged and regained youth

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 201 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond


Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern -
"And I shall shed my light over dark evil,
For the dark things cannot stand the light,
the light of the Green Lantern!"
Later adopted by: Dalor, Salakk

Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern -
I shall shed my light upon dark evil,
For evil cannot stand the light of Green Lantern!"

Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern -
"Let the light of the lantern
penetrate the dark places
of ignorance and wrong,
setting all minds right
and overthrowing all servants of evil!
I shed my light upon the darkness!
Evil has no place to hide itself!
Green Lantern goes forth to conquer!"

Alan Scott, the Green Lantern -
"My rays strike the darkest corner,
Banishing all wickedness!"

Alan Scott, the Green Lantern -
"Let all power and triumph be mine in whatever right I do!"

Alan Scott, Green Lantern -
"The light of the Green Lantern
pierces darkness and mystery,
and its radiance
will strike at the heart of evil!"

Alan Scott, Green Lantern -
"As the green rays strike forth into darkness,
so may all dark evil be exposed and driven away!


role play sample:

*as he gets hit he falls to the grown he gets angry and his eyes glow green* i wont lose not this time !*alan quickly runs to the other room to follow his orders he turns around to make sure that no one was following him he whispers to him self*now where are they*he sees that noting is out of place he thinks*hmm..? wait i know *he scans the room with his ring he use his Danger Detection abilities which allows him to reveal dangerous objects by causing them to glow he sees two boxes that look like power converters *you cant fool me *he flies up and races to them as soon as he gets their he walks to the boxes he thinks again knowing that there's no time to waste *if i shrink them and dispose of them where it wont hurt anyone we will all be safe but where can i take them where it wont cause damage *he thinks again*hmmm...? an open space...wait thats it space!*he stands back and he hits the boxes with a green light they start to get smaller and smaller when they finally get to a certain size he traps the boxes in a green bubble*wheres a window when you need one ?*he take out a map of the building*grate theirs one but its on the east side *he whispers*no time to waist*he flies up and races to the east side he sees a window at the distance *yes..their it is!*he flies out the window the bombs are ready to explode he spins the bubble around like a lasso and throws into space like a baseball*good riddance!


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