Drunk in love. No just drunk.

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Hey there.
I am nameless but I'm called many names.
I prefer to be called Salem, but if you're curious about my
real name ask.
My age is legal.
Moving on to college, gonna major in criminal justice/programming.
I used to wanna sing professionally
but its a hobby now but I draw good.
I actually like all music, I dont have favorites.
Im undecicive, sarcastic and impulsive.
Im one of those people who look like their sad but is actually happy.
------> An example.
I'd like to believe I'm funny.
If i told you I was shy would you believe me?
I'm so unpredictable, you never know what to expect from me.
My sense of humor is crude.
I'm an a*****e but deep down I'm soft... like your d**k. Bang!
I'm overconfident but isn't confidence sexy?
At the end of the day, all I want is to be held in the arms of the one I love...
I like to stalk profiles and creep in the rally.
Most of you will dislike me, so as my bff likes to say
" Do I LOOK like I care?"
Whatever. blah blah blah.
Here's a poem I found...

K bye.

"Early in the morning
and all through the day
through the dawn
and through the dusk
you know no sun
you know no rain
through the night's silence
and through the day's violence
is it that you long lost love?
or someone new?
whom are you singing for?
in the same tone
and in the same tune,
rest a while and
stop kissing the sand,
are the winds pushing you?
or is it you coming forward?
be whatever may
your rhythm never fails
to attract not your love
But scores of those who live."


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