Sorry for been a totally a** back then, I will make it good again. I promise. I am a girl not a guy >O<


Name: Gippal
nicknames: Gipster, (Dippy) Gippy, Gip, Gimpal.
Age: 18
Weapon: Gun
Height: 181 centimeters
Sex: Male
status: Yea, I do have found one!
Birthdate: unknown
Birthplace: unknown for sure, but most likely Home (Bikanel Desert)
Race: Al Bhed
Occupation: Leader of the Machina Faction

I am the leader of the Al Bhed, Machine Faction. Based in Djose Temple, we excavates old machina and researches the development of machina weapons.

I am a character that is basically an enigma. You know absolutely nothing about me other than the fact that i`m an ambitious member of the Al Bhed race who heads the notorious Machine Faction, a group in charge of excavating machina parts from Bikanel Desert. I am cocky, confident, and absolutely loves to get all up in your face - but I also extremely work-oriented, dedicated to building the best and most powerful machina in Spira, dubbed "The Experiment," for reasons unknown.


I always trying to humor the situation or trying to alleviate the problem. However when things get rough, this side is completely gone and I takes on the "Mr. Leader" persona. Even a laid-back person as me can be determined and a proud leader of the Machine Faction. I am a self-dependent: repeatedly, the Gullwings offer their help to me, in sticky situations, but I always either turns them down or begrudgingly accepts: I wanna take me duty in great pride and seriousity, even if I doesn't act like it. Not only is me is the head honcho of the organization, but also is the faction's morale, friend, and brother. Following the sudden disappearance of Nooj, Baralai, and me, the Youth League, New Yevon, and my group Machine Faction members, were all thrown in a loop. The Al Bhed of the Machine Faction experienced an obvious decrease in confidence, as all their attention was thrown into their concern for their leader.

I am fierce loyalty and friendship. I am always willing to forgive and forget (true to the Al Bhed saying), as evident through Nooj and Baralai's little argument with guns aimed at each other's heads in Bevelle. I doesn't dwell in the past, but instead the present; because of this, I helps lead Spira into the future by telling its citizens this fact. Prior to Vegnagun, Spirans were only concerned about the rightiousness of or own beliefs, never giving thought to anyone else, but I helps make their faults become clear by telling them that they all sail on the same "ship" with the same "captain".

I am renowned as a flirt and traveler. A member of my group Machine Faction tells Yuna that she wishes I'd settle down a bit more. Why I travels is that no one can be sure,because its my reasons; research, clues to the Crimson Squad's demise, or the sheer adventure are all plausible explanations.

[R E L A T I O N S H I P S:]

N O O J:

Nickname from Gippal: The Noojster, Noojmeister
Meeting Place: The Crimson Squad
Airship Role: Captain
Analysis: Nooj is like an older brother to me. and Nooj doesn't hesitate to call me a brat,and i doesn't mind tweaking at his nerves. I doesn't treat Nooj particularly different from anyone body else.But upon discovering that Nooj is the "THE Nooj" (as Baralai shouts), My first reaction was, "Uh, Nooj? And my name is Gippal". I doesn't appear to approve of Nooj's constant seriousness or urge for death, however. It could be argued that after Nooj shot us, would naturally be wary of or former leader, and this would be true -- to an extent. When Baralai points his own gun at Nooj, I pulls my gun on Baralai in order to protect Nooj, hinting that despite his betrayal, I still isn't willing to let him die.

B A R A L A I:

Meeting Place: The Crimson Squad
Airship Role: Navigator
Analysis: My relationship with Baralai is on a more equal level than I am with Nooj. In the midst of battles we would still manage to tease each other, and in times of relaxation we could be found sitting together exchanging thoughts or barbs. It is obvious that I cares a great deal for Baralai, despite we have different backgrounds; in fact, this very fact might be one of the reasons we are so close. Baralai was probably the first fundamentalist Yevonite who truly cared and accepted me, and I taught Baralai that being an Al Bhed isn't such a bad thing after all.

P A I N E:

Nickname from Gippal: Dr. P.
Meeting Place: The Crimson Squad
Airship Role: Pilot
Analysis: What can I say about the girl in a medical sense? We two appeared to be extremely close, and we were adept at playing off each other. Paine didn't kill me for stealing and using her sphere recorder. While we are the same age, there was a bit of a difference in or manner. Despite this, it doesn't stop us from becoming fast friends with common goals. The doctor reference might come from her quick, perceptive view on situations, combined with her serious, mature demeanor; Paine probably always 'knew the remedy' and could be counted on to quite bluntly state it, which led me to feel confident that she could help out in a pinch. Who knows. Point is, we are very good friends, and I respect Paine a great deal.

Y U N A:

Meeting Place: Djose Temple
Analysis: I might seems a bit surprised to actually have met a "superstar", but after the initial meeting I treats Yuna like most anyone else. I respects her a good deal,becaus she is a nice girl, that will help everybody, and announcing to all of Luca Stadium that she's "a special lady". Because of this respect, I refuses to run to her when the sky begins falling.

R I K K U:

Nickname from Gippal: Cid's Kid, Cid's Little Girl.
Analysis: It's given that Me and Rikku knew each other growing up. I treats her like a little sister, plain and simple; me first addresses her as "Cid's kid", then follows up with, "How's your brother?" I pushes her like I might push a little girl and teases her relentlessly, she grows pouty when I doesn't shower her with lavish attention. We are the stereotypical brother-sister team, alike in personality and amused at or inside jokes. I personally have trouble seeing my progress past this sort of relationship on my, simply because I am so very brotherly to her. While it is obvious that she finds me special in a puppy love infatuation way, I only response is to make a joke off or history and call her "Cid's little girl". I probably still envisions her as the little girl sitting across from me at the ice cream parlor, kicking me legs, shaking her braids, and complaining about her brother.

B R O T H E R:

Analysis: Brother and me obviously knew each other growing up, and were apparently friends of a sort. The second thing I asks Rikku upon their meeting is, "How's your brother?" , though Brother does lament the fact that "I gets all the girls".

B U D D Y:

Analysis: Rikku mentions me about Buddy , and I seems to know who he is. Nothing else is given.

Hey, hey my buddys, Nooj, Baralai and Paine(Dr.P). Oh and Nooj and Baralai plz dont fight.

Aaaaah the Al Bhed family: Cid, Brother and Rikku

The Gullwings is here with Yuna,Buddy and Shinra


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