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This background was created by Vauit.

I love running (I'm a cross country/track runner), and I love dogs!

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I know the term anti feminist can be ambiguous, so before you assume that I hate women, just hear me out. I'm anti feminist because feminism only advocates for women's rights. I also don't support men's rights activism (MRA) because they only advocate for men's rights. Each group only cares about one gender's rights. The correct label to use if you're both anti feminist and anti MRA is egalitarian, humanist, or equalist. Therefore, I'm an egalitarian. If you're a "feminist" that believes both genders should be equal, then you're an egalitarian, not a feminist. Stop using that label.

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Why am I an anti feminist?

-If feminism is about equality, why is it called feminism? Why not call it equalism or egalitarianism?

-The #StopViolenceAgainstWomen movement is still a thing even though 4 out of 5 murder victims are men

-It's a movement that wants women to not take responsibility for their actions

-Feminism encourages women to be victims

-Men are taught not to hit women from an early age, but women are not taught the same

-There is no such thing as a gender wage gap because it doesn't take into account the amount of hours worked.

-In first world countries, men and women are already equal

-Third world countries need egalitarianism, not feminism, because in some of those countries, a woman can accuse a man of rape and get him killed even If he was innocent

-Feminists believe that America has a "rape culture," which is an insult to countries that actually have it.

-Feminists base their arguments off of biased and inaccurate statistics

-Feminists only advocate for women's rights and claim that they want equality. Men's rights activists only advocate for men's rights and claim that they want equality. An egalitarian is someone who believes that everyone should be equal and have equal opportunities.

-Feminism's definition is "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men." Notice the part "advocacy of women's rights." There is nothing in there that says that feminism advocates for men's rights too.

-$572.6 million went to breast cancer research and only $285.4 million went to prostate cancer research in 2008. Breast cancer claimed 206,983 lives and prostate cancer killed 144,926. Considering how breast cancer kills 30% more people than prostate cancer does, why does it receive over double the funding that prostate cancer research gets?

-Men receive 63% longer prison sentences for comparable crimes.

-62% of the homeless population is male.

-Men are 4 times more likely to die by suicide

-If a woman was in an abusive relationship or homeless they would have a higher chance of receiving help than a man.

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Welp you need a new background
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r z r b l d
Thank you :3
I'm actually struggling so much to find more items that match the color scheme.. x3
I want to enter in the area once I have this avatar ready!
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Hey heart
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your profiles pretty snazzy for not being purple
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Morkar King of Ghosts Report | 12/20/2016 5:09 pm
Morkar King of Ghosts
cool avi
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Saw you on suggestions and stalked for fun.. dramallama
You got me at "Demigirl Apache helicoptor owlkin...Just kidding, I'm Male" so I thought I would tell you so xp
Have a nice day! rofl
Jimilar Jeff Report | 11/26/2016 5:04 am
Jimilar Jeff
Aw I'm alright. xD Been busy as well. XD
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Jimilar Jeff
Hey bro, how have you been? Long time no talk. xD
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Hmmm quite the profile along with such a user .

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