Welcome, stranger. How do you do this fine day? I hope well~
My name is Gidgie, Or Amara if you would so-prefer to call me that. I'm not a terribly talkative person, so please forgive me. ~bows~


Gidgie Likes:
Nice people.
People who care for others.
People who are fun.
Teasing people.

~*~*~Lyrics to songs I enjoy~*~*~

"Maybe it's a dream; maybe nothing else is real
But it wouldn't mean a thing if I told you how I feel
So I'm tired of all the pain, of the misery inside
And I wish that I could live feeling nothing but the night
You can tell me what to say; you can tell me where to go
But I doubt that I would care, and my heart would never know
If I make another move there'll be no more turning back
Because everything will change, and it all will fade to black

If I make another move, if I take another step
Then it all would fall apart. There would be nothing of me left
If I'm crying in the wind, if I'm crying in the night
Will there ever be a way? Will my heart return to white?
Can you tell me who you are? Can you tell me where I am?
I've forgotten how to see; I've forgotten if I can
If I opened up my eyes there would be no more going back
'Cause I'd throw it all away, and it all would fade to black"

-Bad Apple [English Project]

"Will you, take me out of here?
When I'm staring down the barrel
When I'm blinded by the lights
When I can't see your face
Take me out of here
Take me out of here
Take me out of here
Take me out of here"

-Pendulum - Watercolor

RIP C.N.V. I will always remember you.



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Alyx Aphelia

Report | 04/19/2015 8:30 am

Alyx Aphelia

Me, too. Glad you had a good one! I just log in to stay in Loyal's. Love you! heart
Alyx Aphelia

Report | 03/01/2015 9:01 am

Alyx Aphelia

Are you still on the gaias? I just came back a few months ago from a 2ish year hiatus. Hope you have a great birthday. <3
Alyx Aphelia

Report | 03/02/2013 2:40 pm

Alyx Aphelia

You must be careful!
Alyx Aphelia

Report | 03/02/2013 11:26 am

Alyx Aphelia

I RUN for 8 hours.... there's no standing involved. It makes the time go quicker. Damaged knees are bad for your age! sad
Alyx Aphelia

Report | 03/02/2013 12:10 am

Alyx Aphelia

I always work 8. Sometimes really early; sometimes really late. It's the late shifts that are the longest! 3nodding
Alyx Aphelia

Report | 03/01/2013 3:25 pm

Alyx Aphelia

Awww.... sucks you had to work. I usually work on mine, too. 3nodding Enjoy the rest of it!
Alyx Aphelia

Report | 03/01/2013 6:24 am

Alyx Aphelia

Hope you have an awesome birthday! heart

Report | 01/08/2013 4:31 pm


Thanks! There are settings in your account page that toggle music - then you have to use the right coding if you want it to play automatically. I'm not sure what it is off the top of my head but the Gaia FAQ forum will help you. n___n
Alyx Aphelia

Report | 12/22/2012 11:51 am

Alyx Aphelia

Thanks for Gin! I LOVES! heart

Report | 10/27/2012 6:12 pm


I don't remember XDDD but I loved you avatar!!!! so cool!!! ;3 4laugh


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