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My boys <3


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Rhea Byrne Report | 04/07/2014 7:03 pm
Rhea Byrne
Please, human necromancy is so last year. rolleyes
Knight of Plagues Report | 07/07/2013 10:38 pm
Knight of Plagues
Collizio Report | 04/09/2013 2:43 pm
In all honesty, the Marius/Cosette romance is so unbelievable because Marius and Enroljas are BFFs.

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Collizio Report | 04/09/2013 1:48 pm
3nodding His face is so wondrous it even distracted me from beautiful Enjolras.
I'm glad it made you happy.
Quote of the Day Report | 03/28/2013 12:12 pm
Quote of the Day
*steals your dog*

Haha, I like how your mic makes you sound like a robot, too. rofl
Quote of the Day Report | 03/28/2013 10:39 am
Quote of the Day
rofl Well, she's lived in New Jersey, so.
I guess it's something you get used to.
Quote of the Day Report | 03/28/2013 10:33 am
Quote of the Day
Hahahah!! I love it, though. My friend actually heard your voice too and called it out. =P
She's so psychic, haha! xD
Quote of the Day Report | 03/28/2013 10:26 am
Quote of the Day
Thank youuuuu. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I love your voice, too!! And it's okay, even if it is creepy! (And I don't think it is!) whee heart
I like your voice a lot more because you don't sound 12, hehe. ^^;;
Snowball Whiskerton Report | 01/20/2013 10:41 am
Snowball Whiskerton
"Pleasure to have you back Mistress! How are you this fine day?"
Johannes Cabal Report | 01/18/2013 6:11 pm
Johannes Cabal
"No, not particularly. I just have it on good word that you're just as powerful as the Queen of England," he said lightly. He then smiled at her, a gesture that was unfamiliar and unpleasant to behold. There was something broken about it, something that implied Cabal wasn't as all together as he used to be.
"Vivat Regina, eh?"

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