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Captn J Harkness Report | 10/22/2008 3:42 am
about time you surfaced woman. where the ******** have you been??
Captn J Harkness Report | 05/27/2008 5:22 pm
Well that is sad *emo 4 u*
Captn J Harkness Report | 05/26/2008 11:38 pm
Dude, seriously, like... does anyone ever comment you besides me...>_>
Captn J Harkness Report | 05/06/2008 11:49 am
O_O! HI!

that is all.

baton de colle Report | 04/14/2008 5:59 am



Captn J Harkness Report | 02/14/2008 8:34 am
slave screams he thinks he k n o w s what he wants

slave screams thinks he has something to say

Ineresting Valentine's Day Facts.

1. Saint Valentine had nothing to do with

love, originally, Valentine's day was to

commemorate his beheading... so very

romantic no??

2. The Week Before Valentine's Day is the

biggest time for men to break up with

women. This is because they don't want to

have to spend money on gifts or they don't

know what to get them.

3. The Week After Valentine's Day is the

biggest time for women to break up with

men. Mostly because they didn't like the

gift they got, or they didn't get one at all.

4. Seconded only by Christmas, Valentine's

Day has the highest suicide rate of any

holiday or overall day of the year. Mostly in

teens and young adults.

Leaves one to wonder, what exactly we are

all ga ga over... huh??

Oh Well. Shut up and Kiss me.


slave screams he hears but d o e s n ' t want to listen

slave screams he's being b e a t into submission
Captn J Harkness Report | 02/02/2008 11:53 pm
The Human Animal is a

beautiful and Terrible Creature

BAKA! you changed your name, and screwed my a** all up! ~__~

Capable of Limitless Compassion

and Unfathomable Cruelty
Cancer Bone Daddy Report | 01/22/2008 6:01 am
Random Comment!!! sorry needed to get that out of the way. xD
Cancer Bone Daddy Report | 01/20/2008 3:27 am
I like what you did to your avi, its nice to see some change xD
Captn J Harkness Report | 01/02/2008 6:20 am
The Human Animal is a

beautiful and Terrible Creature

Happy New Year!!

My New Years Resolution:

To help end the reign of idiocy that is placating

and overtaking Gaia with my charming and

witty arsinal of berating jokes and nasty

comments.... and maybe make a few friends

along the way.

User Image / Rogue

Capable of Limitless Compassion

and Unfathomable Cruelty
Cancer Bone Daddy
Captn J Harkness