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Report | 01/07/2016 1:50 pm



I'm only teasing you ♥

Oh well....I actually sat through a couple of summers just to catch up completely, back when I was in college.
I had waaaayyyyy too much time on my hands back then LOL
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Report | 01/07/2016 1:45 pm


Just maybe?

I see how it is rolleyes

Ah, it does sound interesting. I only saw brief pics of it on my facebook feed as of recent (from friends) and it does catch my interest
Kind of how I like One Piece, but I havent watched the few most recent episodes of that in a while because I got a little bored for this fight to end with Dofalmingo already sweatdrop
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Report | 01/07/2016 1:39 pm


Oh really now? lol

And I havent heard of that anime, whats it about?
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Report | 01/07/2016 10:04 am


Ahahah nice

I finished SAO a long while back
I havent watched any anime in a while, but Ive been told to watch One Punch Man
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Report | 01/07/2016 7:10 am


Less emphasis on gaia cash shop, and actually fixing things around the site. heart
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Report | 01/07/2016 7:04 am


Glazed donuts. 3nodding
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Report | 01/07/2016 7:02 am


Anglai? sweatdrop
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Report | 01/06/2016 3:20 pm

The Loving Rabbit

NY. I'm gonna move back to NJ though.
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Report | 01/05/2016 6:32 pm

Beauty In Damnation

Yes, though I'm sure I will be fine. 3nodding
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Report | 01/05/2016 2:28 pm

The Loving Rabbit

No clue. They hate me.
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Report | 01/05/2016 12:12 pm


Yeah, he wants to live the thug life...riding into the sunset like a bad a** cool

Oh gheez, you should really get your rest
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Report | 01/05/2016 11:33 am


Actually, I really slept in and didnt want to get out of bed sweatdrop
Still trying to fully wake up, probably going to finish this tea and then go through stuff to donate to goodwill.

While looking at that picture, that "cat" looked like a raccoon for a moment to me lol
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Report | 01/05/2016 10:40 am



I was just lazy to finish my regular text lol
And no worries, added ♥
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Report | 01/05/2016 10:24 am


Btw you turned off your friend requests so I have no way to send it to you

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Report | 01/05/2016 10:21 am


Oh yes, just fantastic glorious weather lol
And yes actually, I use cardamom in my tea's! I made some tea as well last night with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, white pepper, and a dash of honey.
It was a decent chai tea, added a tad of cream as well.

Bahaha, well then I didn't think of it that way. I just like the color white, cream, and pastel colors in general.
And oh my, maybe I do need a price to sweep me off my feet wink lololol
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Report | 01/05/2016 9:01 am

Beauty In Damnation

It does suck, but I've been dealing with it for many years now, so I think I've kind of figured out how it works. Hopefully haha.
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Report | 01/04/2016 9:37 pm


Thank you, I like the skull 3nodding I tend to change my avi so often sweatdrop
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Report | 01/04/2016 2:29 pm


I completely agree with you on that, I wish technology wasnt so easily accessible for children.
Then again, its also the negligent ignorant parent's fault as well

Ah, Cali is having some storms right now. its been a long time since we had this kind of weather.
I myself just made some soup with plenty of herbs and spices, I used cardamom and turmeric in my home made chicken soup. Its actually really good ♥
I will for sure add you, youre a fun person to talk to.

Oh man, if I had a guy friend that would do that for me that would be great. Come over here and woo me, maybe then he will drop it...hopefully lol
Sleep well Geny !
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Report | 01/04/2016 2:24 pm

Beauty In Damnation

My problem is the opposite, I get that weird feeling, and then I get up and start doing stuff.. then I lose track of time and end up not going to bed at all that night. Other nights I don't get out of bed, but then I'll just lay there thinking about random stuff and I still don't fall asleep. lol
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Report | 01/04/2016 2:01 pm


Oh I still own some of my VHS's lol
Omg, dont get me started on kids and electronics. Its bothers me that toddlers are on phone and tablets playing games stressed
I mean come on, kids need to get out and experience things, learn a lot, and just have fun.

mm hmm, its a lot of fun! I also used to do ju jitsu, I kind of miss it. I should go back to it.
I really want to learn how to do fencing! It looks like a lot of fun, and also looks like a good work out!
Ugh, I just want to do fun things now... but its raining outside confused

Yeah....I have a bad feeling hes not going to stop asking. Every day we work together ( which is maybe 2-3 times a week) He always asks me to hang out with him and I always say no.
Im actually not that nice to him, I say harsh comments to him and stuff and he seems to like it.....He even said that he likes being told what to do and likes beig dominated...
ugh, I really dont know what to do / say to get rid of him to be honest with you
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