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Completed Quests
- The Knightmare Slumbers
- Old Nikolas (Any)
- Veracious Musketeer (Any)
- Nurse Hazard (Any)

Current Side Quests
- Witch of Noc (Any)
- Reine Magd (Any)

Current MAJOR Quests
- Platyrhynchos' Wings (Any)
- Gliese 581c (Any)

Long Term Series Quests
- Fallen Gatekeeper (Any) (X2) AND...
- Disdainful Gatekeeper (Any) OR...
- Heavenly Gatekeeper (Any) OR...
- Sardonic Gatekeeper (Any)

Donations are welcome. Donators will be recognized below:
Sleepy Scrib
Corbin Yalovitsky
Oshida R
Gabrielle Guillotine
i am the abool
Winged Xephyr
Kim K J Riku
Seoul Kawaii
Beloved Prophet

AND... "Yuna" (I wish I knew your full username, you wonderful person, you! Thank you for the anon gifts!)

An item too expensive? PM me. I will take no more than 5k to 200k off the price. Friends (that talk to me) and members of my guild - "The Otherworld" - get special discounts. You can pay in gold and items that make up the difference. (Must be items worth having, not 200 pieces of crap.) I reserve the right to refuse any trade at any time without reason. No begging; do not be annoying.


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