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Riku The Devoted Report | 10/18/2017 2:30 pm
Man that needs to be a sequal to the movie of "series of unforunate events"
Riku The Devoted Report | 10/18/2017 2:20 pm
Doesn't your status say "yesterday was the best day of my life" ?
Riku The Devoted Report | 10/18/2017 2:18 pm
Aww what happened yesterday? !
Magorra Report | 10/04/2017 8:38 pm
What music is playing on your profile? heart
Gaminggirl01 Report | 08/30/2017 7:21 pm
Good eek
Gaminggirl01 Report | 08/30/2017 2:34 pm
Cry harder
Gaminggirl01 Report | 08/30/2017 2:20 pm
Bow before me
MagicalMai77 Report | 08/29/2017 12:37 pm
KaryuunoSamurai Report | 08/27/2017 1:08 pm
Nothing much, just catching up on things. sweatdrop
Also long time no chat, btw. How have you been?
Melena Rai Report | 08/27/2017 10:54 am
A friend and I have a joke about penguins and I just made an avi with that in mind

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kalypug on 10/18/2017


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